readingchallDay 7-Most Underrated Book

When I think of a book being underrated, I think of books that people seem to lash out at and hate while I think they are great…and I didn’t mean to do a rhyme there, I swear! A series I just started reading this year that was referred by a new close friend of mine fits this perfectly, I think. “The Incarnations of Immortality” series by Piers Anthony is extremely underrated, in my opinion, judged by the ratings and comments I have seen on Goodreads. It’s a Science Fiction series and I’m not always a huge fan of these because I’m not too knowledgeable or interested in science and a lot of these types of books just seem over my head. Not to say that these books are completely understandable for me because there are parts where I’m like, huh?, but it averages out to where I can still thoroughly enjoy the books. Reading some of the comments on Goodreads, I have seen that people find his books to be sexist? I honestly never noticed that. Since I read the comments, I actually started paying attention and I see some instances where someone might come up with that, but I think they’re taking things the wrong way. Just because the characters in a book have old fashioned views(that in a lot of cases) are pretty true for the time period doesn’t mean the author is sexist. For instance, a writer that writes an abusive character isn’t necessarily abusive, etc. Now I don’t KNOW Piers Anthony as anything than an author, so he COULD be a sexist, for all I know, but the comments seemed to be about how his books are sexist therefore HE is sexist. I take the books for how I see them. They are Science FICTION books, not autobiographies or non fiction stories, and should not be taken as anything other than that. That’s my opinion, take it or leave it!


  1. Let’s not forget Heinlein and all of his “creative” partnerships, but then again he did become a dirty old man in the end. I sort of think it’s a classic sci-fi trope.I think it’s asking or proposing the question of what would it be like if…robots were made for pleasure, or some such thing. People bag on Piers for this kind of thing, but honestly I have always enjoyed his stories, so…whatever, as they say.


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