Day 4-Favorite Book of your Favorite Series

Well, yesterday, I picked my favorite series as the “Anita Blake, Vampire Slayer” series by Laurell K. Hamilton so that means today, I will be picking my favorite book out of this series. The minute I got about a quarter in to the book, “Obsidian Butterfly”, I already knew it was going to be a favorite and none of the books since have been as GREAT as that one for me. This was #9 in the series and I love it so much because it’s full of action and suspense and there’s just so MUCH happening. It also has a lot of one of my favorite characters, Edward, in it. With Book #21 in the series coming in June, I believe, no other book since #9 has been as full of action and excitement for me the way that one has. A part of me holds out hope that another one will come along and be just as exciting. I still continue to LOVE the series, but for now, #9 will remain my favorite.

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