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On to the questions!

*The blog I got this from is NOT doing a 5QF this week so I took the liberty of finding a random OLD 5QF that was done way before I started doing them. These are the questions from the May 7th, 2010 post.*

1. What is your next home improvement goal? Just cleaning in general, I guess…I can’t really do anything major to my house cause it’s an apartment

2. If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be? No religious texts (ie Bible, Quran, Torah, etc, etc)… I’m sorry but I refuse to answer this…the idea of only reading ONE book for the rest of my life is horrific, I can’t even choose! I would go insane! A world where this was the reality is NOT one I could live in!

3. What is on top of your refrigerator? Bread, some chips that have been there for awhile(hint to my hubby!) and croutons…not sure what else…too lazy to go look!

4. What are your favorite or most used phone apps? I don’t use too many since I got my Kindle….I prefer to do most things on it and leave my phone for texting and talking but I do use my WordPress app a lot to check if there are any comments 🙂

5. What’s the one thing you hate most about your spouses job? I don’t really hate anything about it….I just wish he would get busy working more so he could bring in some more dough! LOL I swear I’m not trying to pick on him…it’s just the questions that are being asked!

*30 Day Reading Challenge*

readingchallDay 3-My Favorite Series

I’m going to go with the first one that popped into my head when I saw today’s prompt. The “Anita Blake, Vampire Slayer” Series by Laurell K. Hamilton. I have many favorites, though, but I especially love the fact that this series keeps going and going, like the Energizer bunny. LOL AND I got into it when over a dozen were already out so I didn’t have to wait too long for a lot of them either. My niece/best friend Rebekah got me into this series when she talked me into reading the first book and then loaned me the other ones. I am SO glad she did! Tomorrow will be my fav. book of THIS series so see you then if you want to find out which one I pick and why! 🙂



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