I was planning on doing a non-reading related post today but then I stumbled onto this 30 Day Reading Challenge that sounded like a lot of fun. The title is misleading, though. You do NOT read a book a day, you simply answer questions about books you have already read, one question a day. Unless they are Children’s books or books under 100 pages, not even I could consistently read a book a day for 30 days….unless I was bed ridden, maybe, but probably not even then if it was a really big book. I think some people get this misconception from me that I must have a ton of free time because I read so much. Well, first of all, there ARE people that read more than me, believe it or not! Second of all, I actually only read 2-3 hours at the MOST per day. Some days I don’t read at all. Rare, but honest. The reason I seem to read so much is because 1) I’m a fast reader and 2)I try to carry a book with me to utilize my free time best. Doctor’s appts., waiting in long lines, waiting on my mom when I take her to run errands, etc. and you’ll find me reading while I wait. I see people all the time sitting idle or just wasting time playing on their phones. Insert a book there instead and it’s surprising how much more time you have to read! 🙂

readingchallI found this through Facebook and anyone else is welcome to do it however they wish!

I know May has 31 days but it’s too late to do this for April, so I will just do it for the first 30 days of May and then on the 31st, I will comment on how much fun I had doing so! For the days that I already have things planned such as Spotlight Sunday, my Weight Loss updates on Monday, WWW Wednesday and 5QFriday, I will answer these questions at the bottom of those posts. On the other days, my posts will be just answering the daily question unless I get inspiration and want to post about other topics as well! As I said, anyone else can do this too or post THEIR answers each day in the comments if you like! I would love to hear your answers as well. I can already see some days answers will be easier than others!

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to this 🙂 As you’ve already noticed, I’m doing it on my blog’s FB page instead, but it’s definitely fun (even if I did mess up a few days)!


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