I just got home from another day of our library’s book sale and waiting in line for 30 minutes followed by an hour of looking through books. The only thoughts in my head right now are 1) Where am I going to put all these books?, 2) I want to read them all and I need more time in a day! lol and 3) I seriously need to clean out my apartment of all the old books I have read and don’t wish to hold on to. It’s hard for me to get rid of books, though. If I didn’t really like the book that much, then it’s pretty easy, BUT if I loved the book, it’s hard. Even if I KNOW I may never get around to reading the book again, I find reasons to keep them around. Like, for example, I have family members that have similar tastes with books and then might want to borrow them! I mean, they have before and I have certainly borrowed myself. I currently have 4 or 5 books I borrowed from my best friend/niece Rebekah that I will give back this next Christmas.

So now my home is overflowing with more books than I may ever read, but tomorrow morning I will be at the library yet again with my mom looking around. If I happen to see any good books I missed, you can bet I will get them. An apartment full of stacks of books is still not enough, I tell you! Just call me a book hoarder…I don’t care!

So…this is the post you get today…all I can think of are books this week so nothing else interesting to blog about came to me as much as I tried for it to! Tomorrow’s the 5QFriday and we’ll see if Saturday brings new inspiration so you don’t get bored of my bookworm posts!


  1. Nothing wrong with that, seems perfectly normal to me! I could live in a library. I almost do, except the books are not as organised because I run out of shelf space and have teetering piles everywhere. I also just got back from a little outing which may have involved a second hand charity bookshop and a bag of a few more books to add to my stacks 🙂


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