Today is a lazy Saturday for me. Finished reading a book on my Kindle this morning and then decided to get online to do my daily post and waste time. I’ve been patiently or rather impatiently waiting for Monday and well, this whole next week ever since last April. Why? Well, every year in April, our local library has this huge annual book sale where there are loads of books for pretty darn cheap and for someone like me, who is a humongous book lover(by humongous, I am referring to my love of books and NOT my size), this book sale is pretty much like Christmas to me! We lost our last official book store years ago and we supposedly have a place downtown somewhere that’s in a house where they sell used books, but I have yet to get there and I’m sure it’s nowhere as big as my favorite store, Half Price Books. The closest Half Price Books is about two hours away and I can’t afford the gas to go there all the time. So for most of the year, I buy books at thrift stores, garage sales and occasionally places like Wal-mart and Target for books I really want when they come out. The annual book sale is my chance to browse through hundreds, maybe even over a thousand books so the idea just makes me want to jump up and down screaming.

The excitement starts once the New Year hits and I KNOW it’s just a few months away. Then as soon as I find out the official start date, it’s a countdown until the first day! This past week has gone by pretty fast but for some reason, today has been excruciatingly slow. I mean, I finished a book and it seemed like hardly any time had gone by. SO….doing my blog and playing online is something I’m doing to rush the time a bit. I dread how slow tomorrow is going to be. I wonder if I will sleep much tomorrow night? I used to not be able to sleep Christmas Eve Night as a kid because I was so excited and now as an adult, I wish I could sleep longer. But this sale…it’s like Santa coming and bringing books! I will have no idea what treasures I might find and this makes it feel just like I’m a kid on Christmas morning.

As I wasted time on Facebook awhile ago, I was scrolling through old posts to see if there was anything interesting and I became in shock. I had, awhile back, liked and shared one of those giveaway posts with the hopes of winning. This particular one was for an upscale consignment shop in our area that I absolutely love. They always have some great stuff and very reasonable prices. For instance, they always have a sidewalk sale, with new items put out at least monthly, and everything’s $1 a piece! The other day, they were BOGO, buy one for $1 , get one free! Nice clothing, sometimes shoes and purses, for $1 or less? Yes, please!

Well, turns out the last giveaway they had was when they reached their 1,500 fan mark and guess who won? Me! I couldn’t believe it! AND now I have yet another reason to be excited for Monday, cause I will be going up there to get my prize. What did I win? A turquoise necklace and earring set, a hot pink/zebra bag set and a pair of blingy sunglasses. I’ll definitely be posting a picture on FB on Monday, so if you want to see…follow me on FB, if you don’t already! The link to do so is over there to your right side somewhere, just scroll until you see it!

So…I closed my FB window and went to go through my emails. Excitement over for the day…or so I thought! After I had gone through my emails, I reopened FB to see if anyone had messaged me or anything and right on the front page of the timeline at the top, I see my picture. Before I could even wonder why, I see that it’s a status from the Jewelry Candles page and it’s announcing their Fan of the Week…..and it’s me. WHAT?! I literally stated out loud, WHAT?! to which my husband wondered what was going on and we were both shocked as I told him I had won something else today! To say that I’m in utter disbelief would be an understatement. I didn’t expect to win one thing today, much less two things. I wonder if this means my pregnant niece will be having her new baby today, too! wouldn’t surprise me at this point and it would honestly be a cherry on top of this surprise cake I’ve received today!

Then again, there’s apart of me that worries when exciting news comes like this. There’s got to be a balance, right? So….is something devastating going to happen now? I know it’s bad for me to think like that so I’m going to try to think positive, enjoy the good for now and not dwell on what COULD happen. Things are going to happen the way they are meant and I have no control, so there’s no use worrying about it, right? Enjoy and embrace the good while it comes because you never know when something bad will come and pluck away your joy. I think this past week’s tragedies are an example of that.

So for now…I’m going to be happy for the blessings I have and enjoy the moment while it’s here. I pray that blessings will also be bestowed on all of you as well!

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