At least in this case. Every week lately, I’ve been dropping 2 pounds a week. This week, I’m down just one but I think womanly issues has something to do with that…LOL..I’m thinking next week will maybe go back to the normal two pound a week thing. At least I am hoping so, but we will see!

I took my measurements for the month yesterday and I have lost another 3.5 inches! Very excited about this since the past 2 months have been .5 and 1.5, ugh! My total inches lost in 8 1/2 months is 34 inches overall! That’s almost 3 feet…wow!

Another thing I have discovered lately when trying on shoes is that my feet are shrinking! I knew that my feet are thinner now since they have stopped swelling when I walk a lot, so I figured that instead of needing wider shoes, I would now be able to wear normal width. The shoes I have been wearing for years are mostly size 9’s but I’ve been able to wear 8 1/2 in some shoes. The past two shoes I have bought were some flip flops that come in M(7/8) and L(9/10) and both times, I tried on the L first cause that’s usually what I got and then discovered they were too big but the M fit perfect! Today, I tried on some heels (that were cute but heels scare me since I hurt my foot years ag0). The heels were 8 1/2 and they were too big! There was a big space at the back with extra room. So…I guess I wear a size 8 now? I wonder if my feet are going to shrink any more. I wasn’t expecting to have my feet shrink, too. In the past when I lost from 320 to 250, my feet stayed the same size. I ate on a different diet plan that I do now but it’s strange that my feet stayed the same then but this time I went from 368 to 290 and my feet are smaller than they were THEN. Crazy!

Anyone else ever have their feet shrink at any time in their life?


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