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1. Would you go to your high school reunion? If I had one to go to! I graduated through an alternative school after dropping out in 10th grade due to bullying. I wanted to graduate on time instead of later and homeschooling wasn’t really working, so I went there and ended up graduating a few months earlier. I got a diploma for my local high school but I never actually went there so even if that counted for me to go to THEIR reunion, I wouldn’t know anyone! The alternative school I went to had tons of kids going in and out and they don’t do reunions as far as I know. I would have loved to go to a reunion at the school I left, just to go back a more confident woman who’s not afraid to stick up for herself and show all those old bullies that they didn’t keep me from living and being happy!

2. What’s something that you’ve recently splurged on; either for yourself or someone else? I don’t know…I mean, the money I get is pretty much what my husband gets and I guess you could say Amazon cards he got for me….I’m saving up on Amazon to get a new Kindle Fire HD with the 2 yr. warranty. I don’t feel like it’s splurging because I’ve been saving up since Christmas time and also using money from doing online surveys as well. 🙂

3. How do you handle your child’s fever? I don’t have a child, but I know that fevers are not all bad. It means that your body is fighting off infection and kids can get fevers from many things, such as when they’re teething, I believe. I would probably just keep an eye on it, give the child aspirin, maybe run bath water so the steam rises up or keep them cool if they’re hot. (I don’t have a kid, so don’t laugh at me if this isn’t the best stuff! 😦 ) I trust my mom a lot, so I would probably call her for advice. If the fever got too high or lasted too long, then definitely go to the hospital or doctor.

4. What’s the nicest thing to happen to you lately? The story I wrote about the other day explains it….”Angels in Disguise

5. What is your current favorite song? This is almost as hard as asking my favorite book! I’m going to say Papa Roach’s, “Leader of the Broken Hearts” just because I LOVE this chorus:

“And now I finally know what it feels like
To risk everything and still survive
When you’re standing on the battlefield
And all the pain is real
That’s when you realize
That you must’ve done something right
 Cause you’ve never felt so alive”



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