I wasn’t aware of it until I saw on Facebook yesterday but Amazon has bought out Goodreads. With this news, come a lot of upset Goodreads fans who are worried about being influenced by Amazon, reviews being affected, and books having to be “verified purchases” as just a few examples. I’ve seen some people have permanently deleted their account and I’m not going to be one of those people, at least not right now. I would like to see what all will actually change first. I kind of wonder how Amazon can actually make everything be verified purchases when a lot of people just like me get library books, free ebooks online, books from garage sales and thrift stores, etc. I find it hard to believe that they can actually keep Goodreads as anything close to what it was made for and make everything have to be verified. It’s just unrealistic and I wonder if others who left for THAT reason stopped to consider that. If I get a book from the library, I should be able to still review it honestly, right? Honestly, for me personally, they will have to do some pretty extreme stuff to make me want to get rid of my Goodreads account. I have so many books saved on there in categories so I can keep account of books to read and books I HAVE read…..it’s just so organized and neat on there. I don’t want to lose all that information and writing it down or even typing it would take forever! So…I don’t know about my fellow Goodreads users, but I’m sticking with it for now!

For some happier news, today is International Children’s Book Day! A day for celebrating those beloved classics AND newer beloved children’s books as well! If you would like to help get books to children, you can go here to the literacy site and click once a day, everyday, for FREE and it helps put books in children’s hands. There’s also loads of great products you can purchase on the site, if you have the money, and those purchases also go toward the cause!

At the top of this site, there are many other tabs where you can click once a day to help different causes. Click for just one cause or all of them! The main site is called Greater Good and you can sign up there to receive a daily email reminding you to go click and sign pledges, etc. Right now, the main site has a project to feed two rescued bunnies for a year but the projects are always changing. The bunny project is currently at 77% but other recent projects completed include sending 2 girls to school for a year, feeding 5,000 Americans, and saving 5 acres of the rainforest. Other sites within the Greater Good network give money for Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Autism and many more! So quick and easy AND free to click daily! Everyone can do it!


  1. I didn’t know about Amazon buying Goodreads until I read this post. I did a little searching and read something that made a lot of sense. The benefit to Amazon will have nothing to do with making anything paid or verified. It’s about collecting information. They can use the information from Goodreads to get more people to buy books from Amazon. . . . Also, they apparently bought IMDB a while ago and I don’t think anything changed over there. So, I’m not worried! . . . And like you, I’m totally organized on Goodreads, so I’m not going anywhere!


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