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{March 26, 2013}   Angels in Disguise

I believe in Angels. In fact, I’d like to believe that not only do Angels watch over us on Earth but that are people who are in a way, angels, in disguise. The ones who go above and beyond, who do for others over themselves, the ones who are always around to lend a helping hand or a listening ear; these are angels on Earth that have yet to earn their wings.

A few weeks ago, I believed I met one of these angels on Earth, although this person might disagree with me. Just another sign of a true Angel: humility. You may disagree yourself with me, but in my eyes I met an angel.

My devoted readers know I love to read and you MAY know that I have recently become a huge fan of an Indie writer named Kimberly Kinrade. I love her books and when she releases a new Ebook, I try to get each and every one. Awhile back, she started a new thing called, “A Gathering of Tales” where you can sign up to get sneak peeks of her books and short stories every month BEFORE they go public. I was excited about this and planning to join and at $15 for a regular year membership, it wasn’t exactly UNaffordable, but I just didn’t have the disposable income to get it right NOW, you know? Which was fine, because I had every intention to set aside money when I could and get it later on down the road. And I let her now I really WANTED to join but I would have to save money first. End of story..or was it?

Not too long after I said that on the public wall, I got an instant message from Kimberly letting me know that a mysterious benefactor had seen my message and paid for my membership for a year. My first reaction was…Are you serious? I was in shock! Then my second reaction was to almost cry, literally. I barely held tears back. I just couldn’t believe a complete stranger would do that! Some may argue that $15 isn’t that big of a deal, but for people on tight budgets, it IS! For someone who doesn’t even know me to spend $15 of THEIR hard earned money on ME, for whatever reason, just incredibly stunned AND touched me. I WAS told the benefactor later and I thanked her, but I’m not sure any of my words could really come close to describing how I really felt.

OK, so someone didn’t donate money to help me survive a disease or something. It was a $15 membership for an author, which some might roll their eyes at and think, Big Deal! Well….it was a big deal for me and it made my day AND reminded me of how there are still good people in this world that care, even if you don’t know it. A complete stranger CARED about me. So, to me, my benefactor WAS an Angel on Earth and in disguise.

On another note, I also learned more about myself through the experience. One of the reasons behind the gifting, I was later told, had to do with me seeming “nice” when I post on the wall and talk to others. Who knew there was a complete stranger reading comments that had taken notice of MY comments and by my demeanor, judged me as a nice person? I guess it goes to show that people are really watching you ALL the time, even when you might not realize it, and your actions (even when you think no one is paying attention or cares) really DO matter. This makes me really take inventory of myself and how I act not only on FB or my blog but in the real world. Someone is going to be watching and while I LOVE that people have found me “nice” based on my posts in a group on FB, I also would love for everyone I come into contact with to think of me this way OR at least in a positive light. I try to be a good, nice person and when someone else sees me for that, I feel fulfilled and happy. There’s going to be people out there that judge you wrong, yes, and people that won’t like you regardless of what you do, but only you have control of YOU and how you act and react. Live your life where you can be proud of how you lived it!

And to the “Angel in disguise” who has gifted me, if she ever reads this, thanks again for reminding me of the good!

[…] 4. What’s the nicest thing to happen to you lately? The story I wrote about the other day explains it….”Angels in Disguise“ […]

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