This is a daily prompt taken from the Daily Post a few days ago.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland.

What are the six impossible things you believe in? (If you can only manage one or two, that’s also okay.)

First of all when I first saw this post done on my friend Dayle’s blog, a song from ‘Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” popped into my head. It’s a song called “Impossible” that states in a funny way how since the world is full of zany fools that don’t listen to sense and keep believing impossible things, impossible things keep happening! Therefore, my post title…”Impossible? It’s Possible!”

Now for supposedly impossible things that I believe in!

  1. I believe in Ghosts. As someone who was raised as a Christian, I know it seems to go against everything I was taught but I have seen things that can’t be explained and having a husband who is a paranormal investigator has allowed me to see more and I truly believe there ARE ghosts and things there are no explanations for.
  2. I believe in God, not gods.
  3. I believe in the power of Love. Call me a romantic if you will(although I detest cheesy romance novels and movies!) but I believe in true love and soulmates and all that jazz 😉
  4. I believe that things happen for a reason, even if we may never know that reason.
  5. I believe in Angels and I believe they interact with us here on Earth more than we realize. I believe that people have Guardian Angels that speak to them like a conscience.
  6. I believe there are people we meet along our path in life, that whether good or bad, are meant to help us on our journey. Whether we follow the correct path or not is our choice, but I believe each person we meet is, in some small way, impacts our life.

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