It’s been awhile since I have tried my hand at Creative Writing and I noticed a prompt from yesterday on The Daily Post called 2 A.M. Photo that sounded interesting so I’ve decided to give it a try!

It’s 2AM and your phone has just buzzed you awake, filling the room in white-blue LED light. You have a message. It’s a photo. No words, no explanation. Just a photo. Tell us all about it. And what happens next.

It’s not the first time I’ve been rudely woken early in the morning but this is definitely a first. Nothing but a photo showing a big green sign saying, “Welcome to Texas”. Yes, I live in Texas but what’s the meaning of this? I try to look up the number from which the photo was sent but it says “Anonymous” so that’s a dead end. Could someone be trying to tell me they are in Texas? But who? Maybe it’s a family member that has taken a surprise trip! That thought excites me and I almost forget how tired I am and how mad I was for being woken up from a sound sleep. I start to text family members that I think could be the guilty culprit and all I get back are responses of “What do you want? I’m trying to sleep” and other such variations. Well, someone is either lying OR there’s another meaning to the photo. Nowadays you don’t actually have to be in Texas to get a picture of a Texas sign and send it to someone. Is this all just silliness with no real meaning behind it?

I reopen my phone and look at the photo again, trying to come up with another solution. Then I see it…..I don’t know how I missed it the first time. At the very bottom right of the photo, there’s a reflection from someone’s camera. Due to the reflection, I can just barely make out a face. The only problem is that the face I’m seeing can’t possibly be real. I turn my phone off quickly, turn it back on and check again and now I’m sure that it is HIS face. But how? The last time I saw him was in Nebraska and there was no way he was ever leaving there. My heart turned ice cold and I felt a fear unlike any I had ever known.

A loud knock came from my front door. I shot up clear out of the bed and froze where I stood. I hoped that if I just ignored it, the sound would go away. The knocking continued and I knew it wouldn’t stop until I answered it. I walked slowly, step by step, closer and closer to the door. The knocking only paused for a few seconds here and there before continuing on. One step, two steps, and I was within an arm’s length from the doorstep. I reached on for the door knob and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest. I tried to grab the door for balance but missed as I fell to the hard tile floor. I felt a fire of explosions in my chest and then the whole world faded to black.

*Later that day*

Sergeant Jackson: The victim appears to have died of a heart attack due to fright. Do you have any idea why she would be afraid?

Sally: No clue. I mean, I came here to surprise her but she never had any reason to be afraid of me. In fact, I sent her a photo message once I hit the state line so she would be awake when I got here. I’m sure she wasn’t happy at being awakened but I figured she would quickly get over it once she saw me.

Sergeant Jackson: I see. And what relation were you to Miss Henner?

Sally: No relation but we were as close as family. She was engaged to my brother Timothy a couple years ago. When they broke up, we remained best friends.

Sergeant Jackson: May I see your phone for a second?

Sally: Sure, here you go.

Sergeant Jackson: Thank you. *He goes through the phone calls and messages to find the last text sent. He sees the “Welcome to Texas” sign and the reflection* Sally, are you aware that a face was shown in this picture? Was there anyone else with you?

Sally: What do you mean?! *She politely grabs the phone and takes a look herself” It was just me the whole way from Nebraska. *Then she sees the reflection and almost faints*

Sergeant Jackson: Whoa there! *He catches her and tries to steady her before helping her to a nearby bench* Are you alright? What seems to be the problem?

Sally: That face in the reflection…that’s my brother.

Sergeant Jackson: Your brother? Did he possibly hitch a ride with you somehow? *said laughingly*

Sally: No…You don’t understand. He couldn’t have possibly left Nebraska.

Sergeant Jackson: Why? Is he in jail or something?

Sally: No, officer, my brother had Cancer, that’s why they broke up. He had been given months to live and he didn’t want her to waste her time with him. She wouldn’t accept that so in order for her to be forced to move on, he….killed himself. My brother is…dead.


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