Not a Dollar…BUT another pound, yes! Just one since last week, but hey…I have to remember that change doesn’t always show up with the numbers on the scale, but in how I feel. The slowing down of weight loss does get to me at times, but then I remember how far I’ve come so far and I know I can do this. I just have to stop worrying on how FAST it continues to come off and be happy that it’s still coming off at all…even if it seems snail crawling slow!

As for my monthly measurements, this past month has proved to be the lowest change I have had since I started 7 months ago. This last month I have only lost a half an inch. 😦 Bummer…..This brings my total to 30.5 inches lost…I like thinking of THAT number more because the .5 kind of makes me feel like I failed. I guess after 7 months, it’s normal to have a month or two with not as much inches lost? Honestly, I’m not too sure cause this time around is the first that I have consistently kept track of the numbers versus just wearing clothes and seeing/feeling the difference. If anyone knows the answer, I would love to hear it. I still dropped weight this past month, though…even if it wasn’t much, though so I still am proud of myself with sticking with it.

At this point, 7 months in, I’m at the point to where if I HAD called this a diet, I would be feeling very burned out and be wanting to cheat a bit and get bummed out, but as I said before, this is NOT a diet to me, this is my lifestyle now. From now on, the way I eat now is the way I want to eat for life. At some point, I MAY incorporate healthy snacks to my day once my doctor says it’s fine, but for now, I’m sticking to the 3 healthy meals as much as possible and that’s how I want to eat forever. A little goodie here and there is fine when I REALLY want it, but otherwise, I’m going to be a healthy eater. It is my new goal for people to see how I eat NOW and tell me I eat like a rabbit. LOL I want to be known as someone who eats healthy instead of someone who ingests nothing but fatty junk food! I don’t know about you, but I look at this now as a very rewarding and complimentary thing!

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