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1. Does your family coordinate clothing for church on holidays like Easter? Uh…no…we all dress up BUT we do not do matching clothes LOL

2. How do you get out of a funk? I definitely don’t sit around trying to zip close plastic baggies LOL….Just being by myself on the computer or reading/watching tv usually helps. Hanging out with people I love works if I’ve been alone a lot and am in a funk….If I’ve been around people all day and am in a funk from that, then the last thing that helps is hanging around people…reading that book on Introversion really has helped me understand WHY I feel the way I do and how it’s good for me to balance time being out and about with quiet time for myself.

3. Online friends – real friendships or not? REAL! Why would you bother with fake friendships? Whether you’re an online friend of mine or one I see quite frequently, each of my friends are different in various ways. Obviously I have some online friends that I’m not as close with and we are more of acquaintances while I have a few online friends that if we lived closer together, I could see us hanging out and becoming best friends. But they’re all real in their own way…if an online friend or a offline friend becomes an enemy, then bye bye LOL….Life is too short to keep “fake” friends around!

4. What is the one food you must eat in a restaurant (not make yourself)? Well, I absolutely HATE to cook so this could be quite a few things! Definitely anything complicated that takes a long time to make….One thing I love but don’t eat often anymore are cream cheese wontons or crab rangoons you get at Chinese restaurants….I love those and I have no clue how to make them so the only time I do is at a restaurant

5. What would happen in your home if you ran out of ketchup? We will have to find something else to use as fake blood…….JK! Nothing would happen cause I am pretty sure we don’t even have ketchup right now! I could be mistaken but honestly, I hate ketchup and my Husband likes it but he doesn’t use it very often at home, usually just if we go out to eat somewhere so it definitely wouldn’t be an emergency.



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