Yea, not much to say for today. Same weight as last week, which COULD be due to having a free day just two days ago, who knows? I hope that’s the reason but whether it is or not, I will still keep on keeping on!

On another issue, it’s been quite awhile since I have done Zumba or Just Dance with the Wii due to my knee problems and I hadn’t had any problems for a few days so I had planned to try it today. Well, after a few hours of errand running with my mom, my knees started bothering me YET again and my left hip bone, too…ugh! Looks like I might have to get more weight off before I am able to do my dancing for exercise. 😦 If I’m still having all these issues after I get a lot more weight off, I guess I will need to find some insurance so I can get to the root of the problem. Really sucks cause I feel too young at 29 to be having so much problems with my body.

Later this week is when I do my next monthly measurements and I will have those results to share with everyone next Monday! Hopefully, I will have some more (weight) loss to share as well! Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I’m sorry about your knees 😦 . . . . Have you talked to the doc about any exercises you can do that might help? . . . I know my knee problems are different, but I haven’t even really lost weight and I’ve made huge improvements in my knees just through some home exercise.


    1. He just said the weight above my knee is pushing on it and causing the knees to pop backwards…I doubt there are any exercises for that. I have the type of legs where I have a big muscle right above my knees, dancers sometimes have it but since I am overweight, I also have fat there that overlaps my knee so it’s literally pushing on my kneecap…..:(


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