Posting this in the middle of my Date Day so this will be short and sweet. Today is my first official Date Day in months. Even though I spend all the time practically with my husband living together, it’s fun to go on special dates like you went on when you were just boyfriend and girlfriend, you know? My last date day was planned a couple weeks ago but I ended up sick so I was super excited for today. 🙂

Breakfast together, then off to the movies to see “Dark Skies” which surprisingly made me jump a few times. Must be something to do with the Alien theme? Honestly, I was raised on Monster movies and not many creepy alien ones so Aliens still seem to scare me, I guess. I thought the movie was pretty creepy and also good. You can find out my rating later when I post it on my 50 movies in 2013 page! 🙂

After the movies, we used a Chili’s Gift Card from Christmas to get some lunch and yes, I took a free day today so I ordered Pasta for the first time in a LONG time and I have plenty of leftovers. Then we came home and played some Scene It on the PS3…my husband beat me, of course! 😦

The rest of our day was supposed to be playing board games and maybe watching shows on the DVR, BUT turns out tonight is an A.C. Singers concert(which is a singing/dancing group I was in about 7 years ago…has it been THAT long? wow!). I’ve missed the past couple years cause I always forget to check and they change the dates every year… I am excited to go tonight! We are taking my Mom with us, too, though, (my idea) cause she loves these concerts and I know she doesn’t get to do as much since she is living with my Nanny and taking care of her all the time.

So…off I go to get ready for the concert, then maybe me and the hubby will watch some DVR shows to end our Date Day off nice! 🙂


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