You MAY notice my old goal missing from the right side of the page and a new one in its place. Well…this is because my old goal has been completed! In fact, it’s actually been surpassed so I have now added my new goal. I am at 298, which means in 7 months I have lost 71 pounds! 🙂

My new goal is to get to 250, which is 50 pounds below that evil 300 number! Why 250? The last time I was at a place where I felt really healthy and in the best shape since I was a kid was when I got down to 250. Now, I of course, want to eventually get below even that, but for now, my next goal is to get THERE first. I’m putting down 50 by 2014, although I feel like I can get there BEFORE then, just because I’ve already lost 71 and it MAY realistically take a bit longer. Who knows? It may not, but I just really want to lose the 50 in the best way, slow and steady, and not put a tough time constraint on it. So this goal is more about just losing the 50 and not worrying about the length of time it takes. I have already seen such a chance in my body and how I feel emotionally that as long as I just don’t see 300 or above ever again, I am fine with the weight coming off in its own time. Physically, my body honestly feels worse than it did in some ways. Mainly just my bad ankle and my knees, which my doctor has said IS probably cause of the weight and hopefully will get better as I continue to lose. So, I am extremely happy AND proud of myself for my journey so far and I’m going to continue living healthy and hopefully seeing more positive changes! 🙂

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