I am fully expecting to possibly hear a negative response from parents out there as I sit and write this and I apologize in advance if any of you take this in the wrong way, but I feel like this is something that needs to be said.

Parents…..if your kid is misbehaving in public in a way that is destructive or dangerous, PLEASE do something about it!

Ok, I recognize there are exceptions to every rule, but this is a rant that comes from an experience I had the other day while waiting to see the doctor and I hope you get where I’m coming from. This lady comes in with two kids and sits down. One little boy, I would say about 4 or 5 and one little girl, maybe 2. The lady sits down and the kids scatter about playing around while the mother sits waiting. No problem there YET. These children have a few of what looks to be covered straws with them or at least something that looks like this but I can’t tell for sure because I obviously don’t go and look at them. The mother is at first seated quite a bit away from me so I can’t really see what she or the kids are doing at first but they aren’t being overly loud. Then the mother comes and sits a little closer where I can clearly see her and the kids. I see a security guard go by and briefly ask her if her kid threw something over the balcony.

The office I am at is on the 3rd floor of a side part inside a hospital with about 5 foot sides that look out onto the main thoroughfare of the hospital so throwing something over the balcony, even something small could be dangerous. I figured the guard must have seen the boy look like he was GOING to throw something to have asked her. She shook her head no and he left. It wasn’t even five minutes past then that the mother was sitting and filling out paperwork while her kids were playing beside the walls of the balcony(this time on the side where I could see). The little boy was laughing and holding the straw or whatever item it was and acting like he was trying to throw it up and over. I kind of started in a bit in my chair and whispered over to my mom that the little boy was trying to throw things over the balcony. I think the Mom sensed something in the air and she glanced over to her kids for a moment, saw what they were doing and went back to her paperwork as if she could care less. The little boy then went on to throw not one but two of these straws? over the balcony. While I realized that the straws probably didn’t cause any serious problems, it really bothered me that the mother didn’t stop her child. In fact, the little girl tried, but thankfully failed, to climb the side! If she had been successful, I would have definitely screamed out something then! Since I did not stay the whole time the children were out there, what started as a straw might have ended up with throwing books, toys, who knows?! The issue was that by allowing the children to throw anything over the balcony, it is teaching them that it is fine to do that. All I could do was sit there and shake my head at the ignorance of the mother. I realize she was busy but she looked up and saw and didn’t reprimand her children THEN or when they were playing with a plant and tearing it up! This is just ignorance to me and I felt for what those kids were going to grow up to be like with a mother who just seemed to care less what her kids did.

During the same wait, I also noticed an adult male who was looking to return back into the doctor’s office after going out for a bit and you have to get the nurses to open the doors. Well, to talk to the nurses, there’s a bell you can ring or you just wait politely until the nurse acknowledges you and opens the glass screen. Clearly written on the outside of the screen, it says: “No tapping, knocking or opening the glass”. What did this guy do? He went right over and opened the screen to ask her to open the door. Again, I had to shake my head. I found it funny that the nurse made him wait a bit to actually open the door. Served him right!

It wasn’t until later as I thought of both situations that I realized what I was seeing. The older male reminded me of the younger boy and how he will probably act as an adult. True, opening the glass screen wasn’t dangerous at all, but it was disrespectful and totally ignorant of the rules. I am thankful that as a child, my mom would have NEVER allowed me to act in the way that little boy did. Which is why I NOW shake my head at the mother of that child AND the adult male who was ignorant as well. My mom taught me that rules are put in place for important reasons and we must follow them whether we understand it or not. My mom might have missed me misbehaving at times but you can bet if she looked up and noticed me doing wrong, it would be stopped as soon as possible. When I have kids, I plan to do the same.


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