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On to the questions!

Unfortunately, the blog I get this from did NOT do a 5QF today due to family illness so I found 5 questions randomly online that all have to do with the theme of “Holding It”. It appears I am getting sick myself so this may be pretty short and simple.

1. When you feel the urge to use the bathroom, do you hold it or go right away? I usually go right away if there’s a bathroom close by, although SOME public bathrooms I avoid if at all possible…it just depends
2. When was the last time you held hands with someone? I held hands for a bit with my husband while walking into the grocery store the other day…we swung our arms like kiddos too 🙂 Who said married couple of over 3 years can’t act like new ones sometimes?
3. Do you hold in your emotions or let them out? Unfortunately, I tend to hold mine in a lot even though I know it’s unhealthy. There are times in being an adult that you’re kind of forced to keep some emotions inside or at least hidden until you’re off by yourself, though. I try to let them out when I can.
4. If you play blackjack or poker, are you more likely to hold or fold on any given hand? I do not play either, though I HAVE played poker a couple times in the past for fun, not for money and I was learning. I tended to go all in more than was probably smart because I didn’t know what I was doing and it was for fun, not for money! So I guess that would mean I held a lot?
 5. In general, can you hold your tongue? When you have a secret? When someone says something you don’t agree with? I can definitely keep a secret although at times it’s hard when it’s something very exciting. My husband can NOT keep a secret though! LOL

This second question really goes along with holding in emotions. When someone says something I don’t agree with, especially when it stirs emotions in me, it’s really hard NOT to say something back and end up lashing out, but in situations where you know doing so will end badly OR say if it’s an authority figure you MUST obey, you can’t always do so, so you have to bite your tongue and move on. If something goes on TOO long or something is said that I just really can’t deal with, then no, I usually end up saying something. So I guess the answer is I CAN hold my tongue most of the time but there’s some cases where I choose not to.




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