I have an obsession and if you’ve known me for any length of time, it probably won’t surprise you. My obsession is books….Paper books, Hardback backs, Ebooks, 800 page books and 50 page books, I love them all!

I need a huge house with wall to wall bookshelves for all the books I own, yet when I see a book out in public, I can’t help but want to pick it up, look through it and want to bring it home with me. It’s like some people’s obsessions with animals. They would bring home every stray animal if they could……except I want to bring home every book I see! Right now, I have tons of books in my house but yet, I can’t help adding more books on my Kindle, purchasing more books at thrift stores, and checking out books from the library. For instance, today I had this urge to go to the Library…..I have hundreds of books just waiting to be read on my Kindle. I have bookshelves AND bags full of unread books and what do I want to do? Go to the Library!

I can’t explain the need to always find more books to read although I think sometimes I appreciate Library books for the deadline and structure they give me. When I bring home books, I can add them to my list of books to be read, but if I don’t get to them for awhile, it’s no big deal, cause they’ll still be there. Oh, but library books require you read them within a certain time period or you will be charged money! So until all my library books are turned in, I put other books aside(usually) and JUST read those. About the only times in my life I actually follow a set order!

Today, I checked out 3 7-Day loan books….yea, I will be speed reading because I am not even halfway through a Kindle book that I have to finish sometime relatively soon since I am doing an Amazon Review for it, but I think I cherish the rush feeling I get. Or at least I must because I always do this to myself! I also checked out 5 regular checkouts that are for 3 weeks, but it will really be like 2 since that’s all that will be left after my 7 day loans are done. And then there’s the chance of me possibly getting the job I interviewed for yesterday, which is an 8-5 job. I’m really doubting my chances due to my lack of experience but at the same time, I will be delighted if I DO get it. If I do…I will definitely be speed reading even more, though! I just can’t help it…..adding more books to my reading collection is like Christmas for me. I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel every time I bring a book home and I DO admit it’s much more exciting when it’s not an Ebook. I hold the book to my chest and my cheeks are all bright with happiness and I feel like I’ve been handed keys to a whole new world. I know I have mentioned how there’s something so magical about books before, but I don’t think I could ever say it enough. If I was given the choice of a house full of books or a million dollars in a world without books…..I would choose being poor everyday!


  1. I share this obsession! It is rare that I can go into a second hand bookshop and not bring home some new treasure(s) 🙂 What I do not understand is when my husband tries to impose the ‘one in, one out’ rule – how can I hope to build a library by getting rid of books?! Silly husband 🙂 But I do need a new bookcase, the piles are getting wobbly…


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