It appears the Guilt Free Day I had last week either helped me or didn’t have a negative effect, at least, for I have become unstuck this week! I am down another 2 pounds and in just a measly 2 more pounds, I will be able to turn around and tell the number 300, “Good Riddance and I plan to NEVER see you again!” 🙂

Also, I took my measurements a few days ago and I have lost another 4 inches since last month. Two in my waist and two in my hips, yay! This brings my total inches loss to 30 inches! It’s weird to think I USED to have 30 inches extra on my body…and 67 pounds! Wow…it’s definitely an accomplishment that I am proud of, but I don’t plan to stop anytime soon!

Even though THIS goal hasn’t been completed yet, I will go ahead and let you know what my NEXT goal is going to be. Back years ago when I first lost a lot of weight and started getting into acting, singing and dancing in college, I was hovering around 250-260. My next goal is to get back to 250…which was my skinniest since high school. I know that it might take awhile but I know I can do it! For now, I will first focus on THIS goal, but I am already eyeing that next one!

In news totally unrelated to my weight, I had my first ever true interview today at a medical office as a checkout person and though I felt as good as I could possibly feel about the interview, I am unsure as to whether they will give a newbie a chance or not. I would be greatly appreciate you sending well wishes my way! 🙂 I will let you know how it goes!


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