I try really hard not to do so many negative posts and be more positive but over the past couple weeks, my body has been betraying me. I knew all the years of being overweight would eventually hurt my body and since both my Mom and her Mom have had knee replacements, I knew I had THAT to worry about in my future. At 29 though, I never imagined one of my knees would be trying to escape on me!

It started with standing up from a chair a couple weeks ago and my whole right leg from the knee down feeling stiff and sore. What had I done? The only thing I recently HAD done was walk around for a bit at the grocery store and everything. Since my legs tend to get that way after walking for more than an hour or standing for more than an hour straight, I figured it was just that and it would eventually cease. But then, a couple days later, when all I did was walk into Walmart, my knee popped back. Imagine a Barbie doll with their flexible legs that you can take and bend so that the knee is facing behind you instead of forward. Yea…it felt like that followed by a stabbing pain that made me bend down and grab my knee. All together, it did that about 5 different times that day and I didn’t walk much at all. The feeling and the pain bothered me, but I really hoped it was just a rare occurence. Not so….

It’s been over a week and even when my knee doesn’t try to change direction on me, I feel like my leg is trying to just stop working. I get these needle like stabs behind my knee, above my knee, and all around it at just random times. When I’m sitting, my knee will pop and sting….when I’m sleeping and I move it? Likewise. I really hoped it would go away but so far it hasn’t and other than my weight(which I have been successfully losing), I don’t know what could be the cause of it. As much as I was wishing it would cease on its own, everyday it’s looking more and more like I will have to ask my doctor what’s wrong. It’s scares me to wonder what it could be….

It’s bad enough I have a rod in my right ankle that throbs and aches every time it’s going to rain. Now it seems the rest of my leg is going to betray me as well! UGH!


  1. I know that feeling 😦 not the exact one, but the dread. Try to stay positive, it isn’t easy, but you are doing the right thing losing weight and if you can keep it headed in the right direction, even if it takes a year or two, things will get better!


  2. My knees have been really bad for the past year or so. It’s definitely difficult to deal with because everything seems to affect the knees. I’ve had back pain a lot longer and while that can be really bad, I think the knees are worse. With my back, I can stretch in certain ways to make it feel better or just sit for a few minutes. There’s very little I can do to alleviate knee pain. . . . I think weight loss will definitely help and you’re in the absolute right direction there! Positive spin? This could have been a lot worse if you hadn’t already lost so much!



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