If you haven’t already guessed from the title, I am stuck. This makes the second week in a row with no real loss…and yea, it sucks. Still not giving up, but I decided to go against the grain today and do something not everyone agrees with. Today, I am having a Guilt Free Day in hopes that it shocks my system into working again.

If you don’t know what a Guilt Free Day, it’s basically a day where if I eat without worrying about if it’s the healthiest choice or not and I go over my 1200 calorie limit on purpose. A lot of people think this is the worst idea but I have actually done this years ago when I was losing weight and it always worked. I haven’t had a completely Free Day since my birthday back in September and after that one, I had a big drop in weight, so I’m crossing my fingers that this works! I think sometimes your body gets so used to eating one way and losing weight, that after a certain amount of time, it gets used to it and just gradually stops. Once you go a day and totally shock your body, it has to work double time to try to get used to this new challenge THEN you go back to the new normal the very next day, further shocking your body, and hopefully causing it to hit reset and go back to the steady weight loss it grew accustomed to.

So…I have faith this will work and next week, I will be back on track with losing this weight again! Wish me luck!


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