Welcome to my Spotlight Sunday! Every Sunday I put someONE or someTHING I love IN the Spotlight!

Anyone is welcome to use the idea on their own blog and spotlight whoever or whatever THEY choose, but if you do, please use my lovely graphic that my friend made somewhere in your post to show that the idea came from here! And I would love it if you left the link in my comments, so I could go check out what YOU spotlighted!

Today I will be spotlighting a very different kind of person from who I have spotlighted the past two weeks. Who will I be spotlighting, you ask? Well, His name is Mr. Mysterious. It is unknown who he really is or where he lives. I first noticed this Mr. Mysterious(who could actually be a girl, but I am guessing it’s a guy from the “Mr.”) on January 22nd when I received a comment on my post entitled “My Biggest Issue with Changing is Other People”. I had teased about my husband in this post and how he likes to tempt me into eating unhealthy foods and this Mr. Mysterious took offense at this and left a comment with THIS: “Your hubby is a good guy leave him alone-mysterious” My eyebrows raised as I first tried to pick this comment apart. It was atrociously noticeable that the culprit lacked some basic grammar skills! Talk about your run-on sentences! I also found it notable that this “Mr. Mysterious” felt the need for reiterating his name by adding it the end of his comment as well, but without the “Mr” before the Mysterious. I moaned at the lack of capitalization of the M in Mysterious and found it utterably confounding that in the midst of all this bad grammar, he at least spelled Mysterious right! It just didn’t make sense! I then noted the website that he put down and almost laughed when I saw it was “”. Of course, going to this site leads you to one of those “sites not found” places where you can then search for other sites. Obviously, it was a made up site to go along with his Alias. But who was he? And why did he want me to leave my husband alone?

Could it be a friend of my husband’s that was tired of the incessant teasing on my blog? A family member? OR could the Mr. be a Miss and she was after my man? Surely not! The audacity! And after all, the “” had to be an accidental clue meaning this was a HE not a SHE….This didn’t rule out a guy that had a thing for my husband…..Nah, let’s not think that!

I wouldn’t have to wait long to hear from him again, although THIS time he seemed sarcastic. The next day on my WWW Wednesday post, he left a simple two word comment. “Yay books” I admit that Mr. Mysterious could just love books as much as me, but something told me he was secretly teasing me for my love and his obvious distaste of them! How could he mock my love for reading?! And there was that website! Staring me in the face and laughing at how I STILL didn’t know who he was!

Mr. Mysterious then appeared to go into hiding for I wasn’t to hear from him again until yesterday! On my Bingo Night post, he added his two cents or rather two words with “Bingo sucked”. Hmmm…..Another clue! He obviously was there with me, in hiding! And he must not have won either!….Well, this narrows things down quite a bit! The only ones I know that were there was me, my parents and my husband…..and the only ones that knew my husband were my parents. My dad can barely turn a computer on and my Mom is definitely NOT a Mister and she would never call herself one, much less make such horrible grammar mistakes.

Wait a minute! MY husband! He is not the best at grammar…poor dear! He WOULD not want me to pick on him…he teases me for being a bookworm and he took losing at Bingo hard! I had him now! I knew the secret identity of Mr. Mysterious! All along….it was my husband!

*This was just meant to be a silly story….the truth is my husband told me about him being Mr. Mysterious after the first comment and if he hadn’t? Well, he put HIS email down, so I would have quickly figured it out. My husband suggested I spotlight Mr. Mysterious today since I just couldn’t think of anything for some reason! I thought it would be fun to stretch the story out as if I JUST figured it out. I hope you liked my little comical take on my Spotlight Sunday!*


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