I went to a Credit Union Dinner tonight with my Husband and my parents where they had Bingo and the prizes were some really nice things. For instance, a Bluray Player, Ipod Shuffle, Keurig Brewing System and the Blackout Prize was an Ipad 2 with a $50 Itunes card. Unfortunately, we didn’t win anything. With the biggest turnout ever in their first year of doing Bingo instead of $25 door prizes, 350 people were there and well….it only took 7 or 8 numbers called it seemed before someone yelled out “Bingo”! The closest I got was the last round played with 1 number needed. Oh, how I wanted them to call B4….sadly, they didn’t listen! LOL

I guess it was my first ever time playing sort of Professional Bingo, though we didn’t have those daubers. We had the Bingo cards where you slide the red slot over to cover the numbers as they are called. BUT there was a light up board that had the numbers displayed AND one of those cool electronic Bingo machines for the balls. I have to admit it was a rather depressing experience, though. I like feeling like I have a chance and with so MANY people playing, if 6 numbers had been called and you needed more than one number…you pretty much just KNEW you weren’t going to win.

And I have won in Bingo before but this was the first time playing for really expensive stuff! At least once a year at my Woodmen meetings(Woodmen is a Life Insurance Company), we play Bingo and I have won a lot there but the prizes are stuff from the Dollar store and we hardly ever have more than 20 people there. A couple weeks ago, I went to my first ever Bingo event in our Apartment Office and there was maybe 10-12 people there. We played 4 rounds and I won one of them with 4 corners. My prize there? My husband picked out the Single Serve Blender. The other two choices were a Sandwich Maker and a Crockpot…both of which I have. I even have a blender but my husband liked that this one was a Single Serve one so I let him pick.

So…I got fed with Chicken Fajita meat(no tortillas), Sour Cream & Cheese on top, a teeny bit of Spanish rice, some salsa, and literally, a few chips…..Most of what I ate was the meat cause I was trying to not eat too many carbs! Every member there got a $1 so I got that and then we had little gift bags….one with a fly swatter, pen and a cell phone holder….the other bag had a rain gauge, pen and some kind of clip thing? Not really sure what it was…but then again, I didn’t know what the rain gauge was either! My husband told me…..I just thought it was like some kind of strange ruler that looked like it could hold some liquid?

Anyways, I had fun…even though I didn’t win…and yea, it sucked to not win. I don’t think I would enjoy paying for real Bingo and not winning. I think it would be rather depressing and sort of like playing the lottery, which no offense to anyway who does, but I sort of view the lotto as throwing away money. And I think my husband took not winning harder than me. I just tried to view it realistically…..Bingo is a game of luck and not everyone can win. It’s a lot like life in that way….especially in the type of Bingo where you can NOT pick your own cards. In life, we can’t pick the family we are born into, where we live, who we are……we have to take the cards we are dealt and play them the best we can. And just like in Bingo, Life DOES have a lot of luck involved. Sometimes no matter how hard you work, life throws things in your path and you look at others who seem so lucky and think WHY not me? Well, Bingo can be Unfair…so can Life, but just like in Bingo, you will never WIN if you give up before the game is over. You have to keep going, keep trying and who knows? Maybe one of these days YOUR number will be called!


  1. I’ve only ever played bingo at home or at school, but I do like going to the casino every so often (on those rare occasions when I have money I can afford to lose). I was once up $300 and then lost it all, but I still had fun . . . Like your bingo game, I think the outlook going in makes a big difference 🙂


    1. Wow…that would suck winning a bunch and losing it! I would definitely be depressed for the rest of the day. The old “You can’t lose what you never had” never seems to make me feel any better about the situation!
      I had a great outlook going on…I convinced myself I was going to be lucky…alas, luck had a different goal in mine for me! But it was fun!


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