I received this book as a free gift from Influenster a few days ago with no real requirement that I had to do anything with it, but I love to read and I love free books so I gave it a go! Based on the cover, I would have probably passed this book by in the store, but I am so glad that I got this as a gift so I could give it a chance, because it was well worth it!

The book, “Hiding in Sunshine” is written by John and Caitlin Stuart, who are Father and Daughter. The Father is into technology, the daughter into writing. The book starts out with this family of four. Gavin and Cindy and their two young daughters, Jessica and Rebekah. We are introduced to their world where the father is pretty much a technological genius who is very well off and their family is pretty happy and secure. Then we see the family get thrust into the Witness Protection Program, by a group of hackers called the Enterprise, who it appears are after him because of his knowledge. They go from living this wealthy lifestyle to a life of being on their own and relatively unknown with media now a danger to them. This book utterly chilled me to the core when I read about how the world started going haywire with these hackers breaking into bank accounts and stock markets and stealing. What chilled me the most was how relatively easy this really would be for people to do. The ending of this book was very satisfying, I will say, and there’s an unbelievable twist I didn’t not see coming!

Even if you’re NOT into suspense or thrillers, I would say give this book a try. It was a stellar work of fiction and I really think this father/daughter team is one to watch in the future!

If you would like to win a copy, Goodreads is currently doing a giveaway where you could win 1 of 3 copies! Just click “giveaway”, scroll down past the description of the book and click enter to win to be entered! Good luck! 🙂

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