First, a disclaimer: I am in no way claiming that old people are boring!

I don’t FEEL 29, going on 30…..I feel like I am younger…UNTIL I come across someone in their 20’s that’s going through the wild party phase. Then, I realize I have become a more mature, older person whose idea of fun is NOT what it used to be. I DO have some friends in their 20’s who have passed the wild stage and are more on my level but a lot of times, it’s because they are married and/or have kids. Getting married and starting a family can tend to make you grow up faster. AND I DO have some younger friends that are not married OR have kids but have just matured faster…..but then you have the ones who still drink to get drunk for fun, go to the club at least once or twice a week, and are just completely reckless and irresponsible. There was a time when I went through this phase, although I’ve never been into drinking, really. I DID think it was fun to hang out with friends all night, sleep all day and just not worry about anything, though. I remember a time when if I didn’t have plans on a weekend, I was at home depressed and wishing I did. Now I am perfectly fine NOT having plans! In fact, I actually prefer it most of the time!

There was a time where I was jealous of the party goers and wished I was like them and was always partying. Now? I’m GLAD that I’m not one of them and I feel like a parent in my worry and frustration about them. And I don’t think it was just getting married 3 1/2 years ago that made me this way. I think I have just grown up……Lord knows my husband still has some of that college partying in him! Sometimes I feel like I have a 28 yr. old man child instead of a husband! LOL

But I’m perfectly happy that I have moved on to a more mature phase of my life. Every once in awhile, it’s fun to act young and careless for a bit, but I am honestly happiest acting like an old boring woman. A Friday night for me is catching up on my DVR or curling up with a book. Maybe that makes me boring, but it’s fun for me! 🙂


  1. If the definition of a young 20-something is a partier, I’ve never been a young 20-something 😛

    I do drink from time to time . . . usually when I’m out to dinner with my boyfriend, which only happens once every couple of months . . . but our night will start around 7 and we’ll be home by 10 or 11 (that includes bus rides), watching TV and eating ice cream (for whatever reason, I need ice cream when I’m drunk)!

    I went through a short phase in my early 20’s where I went to the bar regularly, but that was mostly for their wings!


    1. That’s why I said that I was more referring to the ones who like to go out and party all the time. I NEVER really was the type to like to do that much but I DID like hanging out with people on the weekends…..
      I’ve never had a taste for alcohol, though….
      Friday night I went and did karaoke at a bar where everyone else was drinking and smoking….I do neither and still had fun. I still enjoy doing Karaoke cause I’ve always loved to sing but I actually would prefer doing Karaoke somewhere with all friends and not everyone drinking and smoking. I’m actually allergic to smoke so the next day, I was losing my voice and it’s getting better but I couldn’t sing right now if I tried. 😦 One of the reasons I don’t like going to bars or clubs often…all the smoke gets me sick.


  2. Lol that’s great you are having fun, and I agree even I am not all that enthused about the party-scenes or bar-hopping like I imagine a lot of people my age are. But 30 definitely is not old, when I was younger I always wanted to be 30 even funnily enough because I thought it seemed like a fun age, but now I am good staying where I’m at and am not trying to grow up too quickly. 🙂


    1. Yea, you’re right, 30 is not old! I sometimes feel older than 30, though! LOL
      I definitely not a lot of college aged kids who are NOT into partying and bar-hopping, but recently I have been around some that are and it remains me just how grown up I am now!


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