No, I didn’t make this up! In fact, I had never heard of such a thing until I was taking a survey a little while ago and it asked if I had ever coped with or coped with someone who had this long list of ailments. One of them listed was Irritable Male Syndrome and I had a good laugh……but I looked it up and turns out it’s a real diagnosis! You learn something new everyday!

Irritable Male Syndrome is also known as Old Man Syndrome and is said to be caused by stress and rapid hormone changes that happen later in life. Symptoms are: Anger and social withdrawal, Irritability, Hypersensitivity, Anxiety, Hot Flashes, Mood Swings, Depression, Lack of Libido, and Back and Head Aches…..Is it JUST me or is this starting to sound like the male version of PMS?! I mean, I have heard women say that Men can act like women who are PMSing sometimes, but this is the first that I have seen a medical definition!

Some external factors that can cause a man’s testosterone to drop where he morphs into this IMS are certain medications, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, illness, lack of sleep, lack of sex, stress or surgery…..OK, HOLD up, first of all, a MAN MUST have listed these factors! Lack of sex, huh??? Yea, sounds like an excuse to explain grumpiness there! :p

Second of all, sounds like this male version of PMS is practically caused by just about EVERYTHING! This IMS is starting to sound like Grumpy Male Syndrome! So what do YOU think? A man’s explanation for grumpiness that he can use 100% of the time when we women only get to use our PMS for what, 25-40% of the time? LOL

I really would like to hear opinions here! IMS…Real or Made up by Men the way they think we make up PMS? Honestly, me having a Bipolar Husband, a lot of the IMS symptoms are pretty much the same, so….is IMS really a form of Bipolar? Hmmm….I wonder!


  1. I don’t doubt that there’s validity to it. I haven’t had any official diagnosis, but I’m pretty sure many of my issues stem from too much testosterone (I just have way too many symptoms for it to be a coincidence). I wouldn’t doubt that men with low testosterone levels would have mood issues as well. There’s not a lot of info on the wikipedia page, but I think it’s more about the changes in body chemistry with age . . . so, like Allison said, it would be more likened to menopause.

    I’ve never heard of this before, but I’m definitely interested in learning more! Thanks for teaching me something new!


    1. True, about the Menopause thing…..but I pretty much have ALL these same symptoms on and around my period, too LOL….course everyone is different!
      My hormones are out of whack anyways because of my thyroid….so I pretty sure I have more testosterone than I should…I definitely have some facial hair I get which I tweeze or wax and it’s very embarrassing to me!


      1. I have the same problem! And yeah, it sucks! It’s wacky cause other people tell me it’s not noticeable, but I feel like i have dark hairs sticking out all over the place! lol


      2. Never seen one of those! And I hadn’t gotten waxed either until the lady that does my hair did it without me asking for, for my wedding day! It definitely hurts, but just for a minute!


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