Saturday Six is a bit like Five Question Friday except it comes from a different blog and well…there’s six questions! My Friend Dayle ended up doing one last Sunday and since it was a Sunday instead of Saturday, she changed the image up a bit! So I asked her if I could steal her “Sunday” Six since my brain is clueless today and she was nice enough to allow me to! Thanks!

sundaysix1. S is for SEW: What is the extent of your sewing talent? I can thread a needle and I know how to do a basic stitch with a sewing least if it’s a basic one and not a fancy digital one! I THINK if I put effort in, I could sew something…I made a shirt in Highschool and one in Costuming in college…but neither were amazing or anything and I really disliked sewing! It’s just not fun for me AT ALL!

2. S is for SHOPPING: Which store do you dread visiting the most? I LOVE shopping! Now having said that, even my favorite stores are NO fun when they are super busy and crowded like on Black Friday, for instance? I just hate how RUDE and pushy people are when a store is crowded

3. S is for SONG: What’s the last song that got stuck in your head? Now that you asked this, I am sure the most annoying song ever created by Man will be stuck in my head later! For now, I don’t really have one…but Adele’s “Rolling in the deep” just popped up! I love that song, though, so that would be fine getting stuck in my head!

4. S is for SPEED: As a general rule, how close (in miles per hour) do you stay to a posted speed limit? Either right AT the speed or at the most 5 miles over OR under…I like to stay pretty close to it cause I am paranoid like that!

5. S is for STRIP: Would you be more or less likely to attend a party if you knew strippers would be present? Depends, but probably LESS likely… would feel kind of uncomfortable for me, I think

6. S is for SUGAR: When you want to sweeten something, are you more likely to use real sugar, the pink packet, the blue packet or the green packet? I don’t eat or drink anything that I have ever wanted or needed to add sugar to.

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