Recently, I came across a post on Facebook with this quote by Kate Winslet: “As a child, I never heard one woman say to me, I love my body. Not my mother, my elder sister, my best friend. No one woman has ever said, I am so proud of my body. So I make sure to say it to Mia, because a positive physical outlook has to start at an early age.”

When I read that quote, I started thinking about how true it really was. Can YOU say that you have heard many women around you say they love their body? I know that I can’t! All around me every day, I hear both family, friends and strangers complaining about their body and wishing one thing or the other was different. Then you see kids younger and younger copying their mothers, their sisters, their aunts, their grandmothers and saying things like, “I am too fat” or “My nose is too big” and you wonder why. 😦 Sadly, we learn NOT just from media but from the people most important in our life.

Even though I’m not a mother, I can think back to the times I complained about my appearance around my nieces and other little girls and feel saddened when I think I may have unintentional taught them to not love their bodies. Did I as an Aunt, possibly cause any of my nieces to maybe critique themselves? I can say that those around me as I grew up DID have an impact on how I perceived myself and NOT just the women either. I remember my Dad telling me I needed to lose weight as a teen cause he was worried about my health and I remember other members of my family teasing me about my weight. The fact that these memories are so vivid in my mind to this day tells me that the words we say about our own bodies as well as others DOES have an impact.

It’s hard to live up to perfection, because there’s no such thing. No one can ever be perfect so why must we all keep striving to attain such an unrealistic goal?

Kate Winslet’s words have an affect on me because they make me want to watch what I say about my body. I think it’s good for me to want to lose weight for my health but even before I lost the weight and while I am still losing it, FAT doesn’t mean UGLY. Wrinkles don’t mean ugly, big noses or kinky curly afros don’t mean ugly. We ALL are who we are meant to be and our bodies, like they are, are always going to be a part of us as long as we live so we HAVE to learn to live with them, respect them and be proud of them. We must learn to see the positives and learn to live or work through what might not be what we love so much. I am still a “big” girl and I want to be healthy but I am proud of the body I have know. I am proud that my body is relatively healthy regardless of the extra weight I carry and will be carrying for a bit longer. I am proud of my body that allows me to walk wherever I need to go and run a little, if needed, although I certainly don’t like to! I am proud of my body because it is 100% unique and all me and there’s no one else with the same body as me! 🙂

So to all little girls out there and to my nieces, I AM Proud of my Body and you should be, too! Cause we are ALL beautiful regardless of our shape, size, looks, etc.! Let’s ALL learn to love the body we have while we still have it! 🙂

And as an added note, even if you don’t read this, Happy Birthday to my now 18 yr. old niece, Grace! I love you!

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