Did anyone ever watch that old TV Show, “The Facts of Life”? I remember watching reruns as a little kid and ever since the day I had yesterday, I have the first part of that theme song stuck in my head….”You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have the Facts of Life.” Yesterday was definitely an interesting mixture of both good AND bad moments, so interesting that I just HAD to share it on my blog!

My day started out at 6 a.m., a LOT earlier than I have woken in a LONG time but I had a doctor’s appt. OR a weight check in at 8 a.m. and was told to be there 5 minutes early so I got up super early to leave plenty of time to get there early AND I did….I was in the waiting room before anyone else…20 minutes early! And then I got in at 8:05….Oh well, ~sighs~, what can you do?

THEN I had to go pick up my hubby who spent the night with some friends and wanted to come home earlier than what he had told me the day before….so I head out to go pick him up, think that I am headed the wrong way cause I am thinking in my head about going to pick up my mom instead and do a illegal U turn in the wrong place…..Thank God no cops saw me! 😦 While waiting in a No entrance spot to finish my U turn, I realize that I am totally going crazy and I SHOULD have stayed going the way I was going so I just exit and go a different way…Thankfully EVERY light I go through, which there were probably a dozen!, were ALL green.Seriously! So I get to where my hubby is at, pick him up and head to the apartment to drop him off. No problems there and none on the way to pick up my mom and take her to run some errands.

So far, not too crazy sounding and you might be getting bored, but hang in there, because more crazy stuff is in store.

I drop her off at the grocery store, head to a Temp office to let them know I am still interested in jobs, then decide to go out of my way to go to another one only to find out that the other office has moved to another city about 30 minutes away from us! UGH! So I go back to the grocery store and enjoy a bit of reading while my mom shops. Fast forward through some more errands and we end up having lunch at Red Lobster. I have to add in now that as we waited on our table, there was this hilarious old man with a cane that sat down next to us. He took one look at the lobsters and started warning us to keep our fingers out of there or the lobsters would pinch us! Then he asked this lady if she was related to the lobsters because her hair was red like them! LOL THEN he asked another couple if they brought their lunch with them because you waited so long to be seated that you might as well bring your lunch with you! At this time, he had only been sitting there for maybe 5 minutes. Our thingamajig(I don’t know what they call the things that speak when your table is ready) went off and we headed to the front to go to our table and the old man yells out to the hostess, “Do you need to tell you my name?” to which our hostess replies, “Yes, sir, what’s your name?” He responds with a “I know what my name is, I didn’t know I had to give my name, Do you need my name?” Our hostess replies, looking about to laugh, “Yes, I’m going to go seat them and then I’ll be right back to get your name”. Both our hostess and us assumed he was with other people that were waiting so no one thought nothing of the man who just walked in and went straight to sit down!

Once our lunch was consumed, we headed out and my mom suddenly stops at the second set of double doors that you walk through to exit the restaurant and looks down and says, “Where’s my shoe?” I look down and notice that while one of her feet has a soft soled boot on, the other one is completely bare……To say that I didn’t crack up would be a lie. I was laughing loudly as I told her that I had no idea! I decided to go look back under the table we were seated at to see if it was there and ahah! there it was! Her other shoe! I was laughing all the way back to the exit with her shoe in my hand just imagining what people were thinking. Neither I nor her have any clue as to how she lost her shoe OR how she didn’t notice it missing until after we got to the exit but it definitely provided a good laugh and my husband now has decided to nickname his mother-in-law, “The One Shoe Bandit”.

We ended our day checking out a newer thrift store where we found an awesome find of a brown leather computer chair, still in good condition, and that I am NOW sitting in…for only $24.99. It was fun getting it into the trunk but on my Mom’s way back from getting some rope from the thrift store workers, she tripped and fell. I had no idea until she came back out with the rope and I could tell something was wrong. 😦 Luckily, she didn’t break anything. She skinned her knee up a bit and I think she’s going to be sore but she said it hurt her pride more than anything. I just felt bad for her and I hate when she falls cause I worry about her hurting herself bad when she does.

Since the computer chair wheels were kind of protruding out of the trunk and we were closer to my apartment than to my Nanny’s house, we decided to go by my apartment and drop it off. My husband came out with his little pocket knife and I ran in to get a better knife when that seemed to not work so well. In the middle of doing this, I went ahead and took some laundry inside and stopped to use the bathroom so when I got out, the chair was inside and I just went directly to the car and headed out to drop my mom off. Not even a 1/4 mile down the road, a SUV pulled out into traffic across 3 lanes and I had to slam on the brakes…..I literally came within mere inches of hitting her. UGH! A few seconds after this, I heard something that sounded like something hitting the back of my car and then the gravel. I looked back and I remember seeing 3 pieces of something that appeared black and I didn’t think much of it. Then my mom asked if I had left something on the top of the car and I didn’t think so but I started freaking out wondering if I might have. I kept listing things and no, didn’t leave that! So we deduced that it was just some rocks that had hit the undercarriage or something.

And everything went smoothly…….UNTIL after I dropped off my mom and was pulling out of the driveway and reached to grab my phone to call my husband. Uh…Where is my phone? Immediately, this deep feeling of dread filled my head and I KNEW, I just KNEW…what fell off the car was my phone! But I tried to hold out hope…..I decided to drive back and see if I could see it or w/e fell in the road. I drove back with trepidation and fear in my heart and it seemed like time was taking forever. Finally, I got to the spot and saw what appeared to be the shape of my phone in the road. I pulled off into a Car dealership, got out of the car and walked over to where the shape was. I looked down and saw it…..my phone or at least the top of it with its shattered screen…..It was true, my phone was destroyed!

We had just found out 2 days previous that we would have a little extra money this month than usual so that helped cover a new phone but it hurt that the money that could have been used for other things that were needed had to be used for that. Surprisingly, although my phone was destroyed, my memory card was perfect and I was able to use it in my new phone. All my pictures were saved, thank goodness! Just wish the money could have been as well!

So that was most of my day yesterday and it was definitely interesting….I am thankful for all the good and funny parts but I hope the really bad parts will stay away for a good long while!


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