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{January 3, 2013}   My Favorite Reads of 2012

Yes, I know it’s now 2013….but I felt it was better to wait until AFTER 2012 to post my favorite books of 2012. These are not all books released in 2012, just my favorite ones that I READ in 2012.


1. “Hannah’s Gift: Lessons from a Life Fully Lived”-Maria Housden

2.“The Raising”-Laura Kasischke

3.“11/22/63”-Stephen King (Best historical sci-fi read of 2012 for me!)

4. “When Parents Text: So much said, so little understood” by Sophia Fraioli


1.“Stay Tuned” by Lauren Clark

2. “Seed” by Ania Ahlborn

3 and 4. “Learn me Good” and “Learn me gooder” by John Pearson

MARCH FAVES (Best month for good books!)

1. “A Dog’s Purpose” by Bruce W. Cameron (Best book recommendation given to me in 2012)

2. “Finding Clarity: A Mom, A dwarf, and a posh private school in the People’s Republic of Berkeley” by Laura Novak

3. “Man of Wax” by Robert Smartwood

4.“Blown Away” by Shane Gericke

5. “The Taker” by Alma Katsu

6. “Stop dressing your six year old like a skank: and other words of delicate Southern wisdom” by Celia Rivenbark

7. “Sarah’s key” by Tatiana De Rosnay

8. “She’s come undone” by Wally Lamb ( Best book about a woman with depression written by a man that I have EVER read!)


1. “Don’t breathe a word” by Jennifer McMahon (Best book about fairies that gives you chills!)

2. “Ketchup is a vegetable: and other lies Moms tell themselves” by Robin O’Bryant (Best book from a blog that made me laugh AND also made me look forward to being a mom someday!)

3.“Directed Verdict” by Randy Singer (Best Christian Suspense novel I have read)

4. “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn

5. “Timesplash” by Graham Storrs

6.“Forbidden Mind(Forbidden Trilogy, #1)” by Kimberly Kinrade (Book 1 in the BEST trilogy I read in 2012!)

MAY FAVES (Only one book made the cut this month!)

1. “Coffin Club(Vampire Kisses, #5)” by Ellen Schreiber


1-3. “Royal Blood”, “Love Bites” and “Cryptic Cravings” (Books 6,7,&8 of the Vampire Kisses series) by Ellen Schreiber

4. “The Walking Dead Compendium #1” by Robert Kirkman (This is only the second graphic novel I have ever read, BUT it was the best!)

5. “Undead and Unstable”(Undead, #11) by Mary Janice Davidson (This series will always be the funniest vampire adult series to me!)

6.“Greatest Clicks: A dog photographer’s best shots” by Mark J. Asher( Short read, but the cutest book of 2012!)

7. “Sharp Objects” by Gillian Flynn

8. “Marcia Schuyler” (Miranda Trilogy, #1) by Grace Livingston Hill

9. “Baby Doctor” by Perri Klass (Best informational book about being a baby doctor)


1&2. “Opal Fire” & “Bloodstone” by Barbra Annino (Best series about witches)

3. “Love is a verb: Stories of what happens when love comes alive” by Gary Chapman

4. “Origin” by J.A. Konrath

5. “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor”(The Governor Trilogy, #1) by Robert Kirkman


1. “You can run, but you can’t hide” by “Dog” Duane Chapman (Best Memoir of 2012)

2. “The Hunger Games”(Hunger Games, #1) by Suzanne Collins (This WAS the best young adult trilogy UNTIL I read all of the Forbidden Trilogy….BUT still a great trilogy!)

3. “A Dog’s Journey” by Bruce W. Cameron(Sequel to ” A dog’s purpose” and touched my heart just as much!)


1 & 2. “Catching Fire” and “Mockingjay” (Books 2 & 3 of the Hunger Games Trilogy) by Suzanne Collins

3. “The Bellman Chronicles” by Robert Hookey (Best book straight from a blog that I have the privilege of knowing the blogger!)


1. “The Earth, my butt and other big round things” by Carolyn Mackler


1. “Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern

2 & 3. “Forbidden Fire” and “Forbidden Life” (Books 2 & 3 of the Forbidden Trilogy) by Kimberly Kinrade (BEST young adult trilogy of 2012!)

4. “Afraid” by Jack Kilborn(Creepiest book of 2012)


1. “Wisteria” (Wisteria, #1) by Bisi Leyton

2. “Veiled Mist” by Eleanor T. Beaty

3. “Bits of you and pieces of me” by Kimberly Kinrade (Best book of poems and short stories about love and relationships)

4.“Happy Accidents” by Jane Lynch

5. “The Darkening Dream” by Andy Gavin

6. “Sleep Tight” by Anne Frasier

7. “Forgive me, Alex” by Lane Diamond

8. “Think and be happy: 365 empowering thoughts to lift your spirit” by Shadonna Richards (Best daily thoughts book)

9. “I must decrease: Inspiration and Encouragement for dieters” by Janice Hanna Thompson (Best inspiration for dieting)

So those were my favorite reads from 2012….I KNOW there was a lot but I read 144 books! 🙂 These were just most of the ones I rated 5 stars for the year. Just because they were my favorites doesn’t necessarily mean YOU will agree with me so if you try out any of them and disagree, that’s fine! It’s just my own personal opinion! 🙂 I provided links from Goodreads for each of these books so you can check them out and ADD them to your To Read List if any of them sound interesting to you! I would love it if you would like to leave some of your favorite books from 2012 or just anytime in general in the comments! Maybe I will get some recommendations to add to my own list and they may make my favorite reads for 2013! 🙂

The only one of these I read is “She’s Come Undone” and it’s one of my absolute favorite books ever. I’m still in awe that it was written by a man!

I’m going through the list now and adding books to my reading list 🙂

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