May this year bring you all happiness, hope, love….everything you need! 🙂

If you haven’t read my posts a lot in the past, you may not know about my dislike for the word, “Resolution”. I guess it’s because I’ve heard people all my life make these New Years Resolutions and then hardly any of them ever keep them. After awhile, I have just come to equate resolutions with silly promises people make because everyone else is making them but you really have no plans to see them to fruition. Maybe I’m being crazy but this just gives me a sort of phobia about using the word. Therefore, I prefer to call them goals for the year. The word “Goal” holds more meaning for me and part of that is because I have followed through with “goals” before and met them.

My first goal for 2013 is to blog at least ONCE a day, everyday. I did this in 2011 so I KNOW this is possible for me to do. I want to get back into a regular routine with blogging AND I also have family and friends that miss my daily blogging. For some of them, I think it makes me seem closer even when I’m far away. It’s almost like a diary of my life cause my blog is definitely personal but I sometimes pop in a short story or poem…you never know! 😉

My second goal is something I’ve been working on since July 20th and that is to continue with my weight loss. I would like to see myself get down to at least 250 pounds this year so once I hit my below 300 goal, I will change my next goal to be losing 50 pounds in 2013. I feel like I can possibly lose even more but at some point, I KNOW this plateau is coming where I will get stuck so I want to be realistic but still push myself.

My third goal involves reading and I have participated in a challenge in both 2011 AND 2012 and completed them. Well, in 2012, I completed my goal of 100 months ago so I reamped it to 150 and sadly, I am going to fall short of that change by about 5 books. 😦 BUT that’s OK cause I met my original goal and got darn close to the second one! Which is why my reading challenge goal for 2013 will be 150 books! Do you think I can do it? You can follow my progress on Goodreads! 🙂

AND my fourth and final goal IS a totally new to me and my blog BUT should be fun and easy. I want to watch 50 movies I’ve never seen before this year! To be honest, I probably already do this anyways so why not keep track? All my blog followers will be able to see what I watch this year as well cause I’m going to add a page on to my blog where I will list each movie(that’s new to me) and give a little rating of 1 to 5 stars. Now just so I don’t get hate mail over this, please understand that the rating will be totally MY opinion and I’m definitely no film expert! What I like may NOT be what you like and vice versa. It will be all in fun!

So there’s my four goals that I’m super duper excited about and I can’t wait to see what 2013 will bring! Stay tuned! 🙂 Oh and HAPPY NEW YEARS again!

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