Hopefully, you figured out I was joking about the End of the World. I was planning on doing 5 question Friday today but the blog owner I get it from has canceled it this week so she can finish her Christmas duties. How much do YOU have left to get down? I pretty much have everything done but I still kind of want to get a couple of extra people NOT originally on my list something, but I am dreading getting out of the house to do so. I’ve already heard of how packed Wal-mart is with last minute shoppers! AH!

But now back to an End of the World discussion…..Do I have any readers that EVER believed even in some small part that the world MIGHT end today? I NEVER thought this prediction was anything more than a joke. Why, you may ask? Well, the #1 reason IS based on my religious beliefs that say nobody can predict the day or hour, BUT aside from my religion……I really thought the first time I heard the Mayan prediction, it just sounded pretty comical. And maybe it’s because I didn’t get into all the supposed scientific background of everything, but just the idea that since a calendar STOPPED at Dec. 21st, 2012 automatically meant the world was going to end then was just nonsensical to me! Anyone else feel that way? I mean….you can write on a calendar day and night, but at some point, aren’t you going to have to stop? Either when you die, you are no longer to write, you can’t SEE to write, you run out of paper or ink? I mean, it’s not that absurd to guess that the Mayans stopped the calendar for a million of OTHER reasons beside the end of the world, right? Why must we jump to such morbid conclusions?

Then of course, awhile back, the same people that came up with the end conclusion figured out they did their math wrong(no surprise there! We are human!) AND the calendar actually stopped 7 months ago! Whoops! It’s a good thing they weren’t right cause a lot of people’s last thoughts 7 months ago would have probably been, “What’s going on? I thought this was supposed to be on Dec. 21st!” Nope, guys! We messed up!

So I have to say that after they announced how wrong they were and that the world DIDN’T end on the NEW date…I figured that all we would see today is people laughing and joking about how today was the “End of the World” when of course, it’s not…..Boy, was I surprised to see there are people that STILL believed that today WAS the end of the world. They even had it narrowed down to the time of 5:11 a.m. in Central time(not sure what time that was everywhere else)…Well, it’s now 12 hours after that and in some places, it’s now the 22nd…..and there are STILL people lashing back on the jokes and saying, “Technically, a day is 24 hours!”…..Well….Come up with a better comeback when it’s the 22nd everywhere cause you look dumb! 🙂

Sorry, but I just HAD to say that!

Anyways, even though it’s NOT the end of the world for us ALL….I DO think it’s important for everyone of us to realize that any day and anytime could be OUR end here on Earth. None of us are promised tomorrow so make extra sure you tell those who matter to you that you love and appreciate them while you can! There are many families sadly that have lost loved ones lately that KNOW just how true this is and they are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Never forget just how important it is to tell someone NOW how much you care!

Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays to all! See you on Christmas Eve for my weight loss update! 🙂

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