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{December 31, 2012}   Excited for 2013!

First of all, Happy New Years Eve everyone! 🙂 Tomorrow I will be letting you all know my goals for the year 2013…I don’t like the word resolution, I prefer “goals”! I will go ahead and give away one of them since technically, I am starting today.

For 2013, I will be posting daily just like I did in 2011! I miss posting daily and I want to try it again. I also have a few other goals in mind, but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s New Years post to find those out! 🙂

As for my weight loss update, I lost another 2 pounds! I am now 308, which is 60 pounds total and I only need 9 more pounds off before I hit my 2nd short term goal to get below 300! YAY! It’s getting closer and closer!

For Christmas, I got a couple of shirts from my Mom that I immediately looked at and was like, “I doubt I will be able to fit these!” One shirt was a couple sizes smaller than what I HAD worn before losing all the weight and the other one was 3 sizes smaller…..Oh what the hey, I will just disclose my sizes….On Christmas Day, I was wearing a shirt that was 5x, which WAS a little big when I first got it but still fit….I had it pinned so it wouldn’t fall off my shoulders…..And the shirts my mom got me were a 1x and 2x. Well, surprise, surprise, the 2x fit me perfectly! Yea…I was shocked! The 1x was a little bit snugger than I like my shirts but it fit better than I thought it would. It really made me feel good that I could FIT something cause at my highest weight, NOTHING I tried on ever seemed to fit!

Well, today, I was running errands with my Mom and we went by Kmart and I got 3 new skirts and 2 shirts that ALL fit when I tried them on….If you’ve never been overweight, you can’t imagine how good it feels for everything you try on to fit! And then I got another cute shirt at Goodwill that I didn’t even try on until I got home and it fit perfect! I am just speechless, it’s an awesome feeling to find clothes that fit again. Eventually, one of these days, I would like to get out of “Plus size” where I can really shop anywhere, but hey, I am excited for where I am for now.

Next week, I will be taking measurements again and let everyone know how much more inches I have lost. Thank you so much for those who cheer me on and care about my journey. I don’t think I would have been able to get as far as I have come without you and I can’t wait to see how far I go in 2013!


As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

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On to the questions!

1. If you had to give 1 million dollars to just one person (not your spouse), who would it be and why? If it could be family, then my mom and not just so she could then turn around and help us out with some of it……but so she could have some money to do with w/e SHE wanted….if it couldn’t be family, then I would probably give it to my best friend Tara, maybe? or another friend who could use some extra money?

2. What bathroom stall do you typically go to FIRST?  I like to go to the handicapped ones because they have more room LOL…..I hate the itty bitty stalls….and if they are all small, then I usually go to the very last one cause I always feel like people can see into the stalls…yes, I am weird…and I like my privacy while in the toilet!

3. How do you prefer to shop: In-store or online? Both, although online IS a lot more convenient and easier to shop around and find the best deals…..Sometimes it’s fun to shop IN the store, though and see and touch the items or try on the clothes, though….I just love shopping in general. I would love it even more if my pocket book was fuller, though! 🙂

4. What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? It’s in the 40’s or 50’s, pretty cloudy and foggy looking…it was really foggy and rainy this morning….I love the coolness, it feels SO good to me! 🙂

5. Do you own a pair of Tom’s and what do you think? Overrated, underrated or about right? I do NOT own a pair of Tom’s, partly because I don’t pay over $20 for shoes unless it’s a good pair of sneakers and then not too much over that even……PLUS I just don’t like the design of Tom’s; they are just NOT my style. I think the look to them is overrated because I really think they are kind of ugly, but that’s just my own opinion. The concept behind Tom’s is wonderful, however, and I’m glad that so many people DO think they are attractive because I love the idea that for every pair you buy, a kid gets a pair of shoes in an underprivileged country. Great concept and I wish they did that with ALL brands of shoes.





To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading? “Black House” by Stephen King and Peter Straub

What did you recently finish reading? “Forgive me, Alex” by Lane Diamond

“Think and be happy: 365 empowering thoughts to lift your spirit” by Shadonna Richards

“Sleep Tight” by Anne Frasier

What do you think you’ll read next? “Fatal friends, deadly neighbors and other True Cases (Crime Files, #16) by Ann Rule

{December 24, 2012}   Christmas Eve Update :)

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone! I’m going to keep this short but just wanted to let you know that I have lost another 3 pounds and since my first goal was the 50 by Christmas……my final tally by Christmas is 58 pounds lost! So I exceeded my goal by 8 pounds! 🙂 YAY! I LOVE the sound of that!

BUT my journey continues in losing weight, so I will see you all next Monday for another update! Since I plan to stay eating healthy through Christmas Day, I’m hoping to see some more loss then! Again, I wish you all Happy Holidays!

Hopefully, you figured out I was joking about the End of the World. I was planning on doing 5 question Friday today but the blog owner I get it from has canceled it this week so she can finish her Christmas duties. How much do YOU have left to get down? I pretty much have everything done but I still kind of want to get a couple of extra people NOT originally on my list something, but I am dreading getting out of the house to do so. I’ve already heard of how packed Wal-mart is with last minute shoppers! AH!

But now back to an End of the World discussion…..Do I have any readers that EVER believed even in some small part that the world MIGHT end today? I NEVER thought this prediction was anything more than a joke. Why, you may ask? Well, the #1 reason IS based on my religious beliefs that say nobody can predict the day or hour, BUT aside from my religion……I really thought the first time I heard the Mayan prediction, it just sounded pretty comical. And maybe it’s because I didn’t get into all the supposed scientific background of everything, but just the idea that since a calendar STOPPED at Dec. 21st, 2012 automatically meant the world was going to end then was just nonsensical to me! Anyone else feel that way? I mean….you can write on a calendar day and night, but at some point, aren’t you going to have to stop? Either when you die, you are no longer to write, you can’t SEE to write, you run out of paper or ink? I mean, it’s not that absurd to guess that the Mayans stopped the calendar for a million of OTHER reasons beside the end of the world, right? Why must we jump to such morbid conclusions?

Then of course, awhile back, the same people that came up with the end conclusion figured out they did their math wrong(no surprise there! We are human!) AND the calendar actually stopped 7 months ago! Whoops! It’s a good thing they weren’t right cause a lot of people’s last thoughts 7 months ago would have probably been, “What’s going on? I thought this was supposed to be on Dec. 21st!” Nope, guys! We messed up!

So I have to say that after they announced how wrong they were and that the world DIDN’T end on the NEW date…I figured that all we would see today is people laughing and joking about how today was the “End of the World” when of course, it’s not…..Boy, was I surprised to see there are people that STILL believed that today WAS the end of the world. They even had it narrowed down to the time of 5:11 a.m. in Central time(not sure what time that was everywhere else)…Well, it’s now 12 hours after that and in some places, it’s now the 22nd…..and there are STILL people lashing back on the jokes and saying, “Technically, a day is 24 hours!”…..Well….Come up with a better comeback when it’s the 22nd everywhere cause you look dumb! 🙂

Sorry, but I just HAD to say that!

Anyways, even though it’s NOT the end of the world for us ALL….I DO think it’s important for everyone of us to realize that any day and anytime could be OUR end here on Earth. None of us are promised tomorrow so make extra sure you tell those who matter to you that you love and appreciate them while you can! There are many families sadly that have lost loved ones lately that KNOW just how true this is and they are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Never forget just how important it is to tell someone NOW how much you care!

Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays to all! See you on Christmas Eve for my weight loss update! 🙂

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading? “Sleep tight” by Anne Frasier

What did you recently finish reading? “Veiled Mist” by Eleanor T. Beaty

“Bits of you and pieces of me”(a novella) by Kimberly Kinrade

“Happy Accidents” by Jane Lynch

“Paranoia” (Wisteria Series, 2.5) by Bisi Leyton

“The Darkening Dream” by Andy Gavin

What do you think you’ll read next? “Forgive me, Alex” by Lane Diamond and “Black House” by Stephen King and Peter Straub

{December 17, 2012}   The Journey Continues!

In 3 days, I will have been on this Lifestyle Change Plan for 5 months. Five tough months with temptations everywhere I look, yet I am proud to say I have fought temptation and won a good 95% of the time. NOT 100% of the time, although I know some people are sticklers for this but I think I’m more of the type where, There’s food out there that you LOVE and you’re going to always crave, to say you will NEVER eat any of it again is pretty unrealistic, right? I think moderation is going to have to be the key. Eat healthy but allow yourself times where you have a little of something you really want along with a bunch of healthy. 🙂

Right now, my life is pretty much rarely allow myself something I truly crave due to the amount of weight I’m trying to lose, but I would love to get down to a healthy weight and live my life with healthy moderation. BUT now for what you really want to know! How much weight did I lose this past week? Another two pounds! YAY! So I am now at 55 pounds lost in almost 5 months AND just 14 left to get under that evil number 300! UGH! I just hate the sound of it!

Right now I am most excited about the fact I am 5 pounds OVER my Christmas goal and still one week left to Christmas! I wonder how much more I can lose this next week! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I will STILL do my post on Christmas Eve, but it may be late!

I would like to send my condolences, thoughts AND prayers to those in any way effected by the elementary school shooting in Connecticut tonight! My heart goes out to you!


As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

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On to the questions!

1. If you bake during the holidays, what is your favorite thing to make? I don’t like to cook or bake…..I think I’m good at both but it’s just not my thing 🙂

2. Present giving: Gift bag vs wrapped box? I actually LOVE wrapping presents at Christmas so I prefer to so a wrapped box but I do use gift bags if need be, as far as opening presents…..I also prefer them wrapped…there’s just something so exciting about unwrapping versus digging around in a bag

3. What do you keep your thermostat on during the winter/summer in your house? In the summer, around 65, which can be quite expensive and if we had a big house, we couldn’t do, but we have an apt. so we make do….In the winter, we actually run the air between 65-70 a lot because our winter can tend to still be warm(at least for my standards), and when we do this, our bill is an awesome price! LOL….When it gets really cold, we’ll put the heat on around 65, I don’t like having the heat warmer than 70 cause it gets too hot for me

4. When thinking of your “Christmas to-do list” what percentage “done” are you? As far as gifts I planned to buy ahead of time, I am pretty much 100% done…..but there’s a couple of people that I added to buy gifts for now that I know how much money I have left to work with….so I guess I am about 95% done then? Waiting for things to come in the mail as well so I can wrap them!

5. Do you do the “Elf on a Shelf”? If so, is your Elf naughty and what shenanigans has he gotten into? No, I don’t do this but I have friends on Facebook that do and I so enjoy seeing what their Elf has gotten up to! I really would LOVE to get one someday and do this tradition myself! 🙂





To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading? “Veiled Mist” by Eleanor T. Beaty

What did you recently finish reading? “Wisteria” by Bisi Leyton

“Eye of Newt” by Kimberly Kinrade(short story)

“Son of Destiny” by Kimberly Kinrade(short story)

“The Memory Keeper’s Daughter” by Kim Edwards

What do you think you’ll read next? “Bits of you and pieces of me” by Kimberly Kinrade (a novella) AND “Happy Accidents” by Jane Lynch

So….I hit my 100 book goal months ago and changed it to 150 and NOW have 17 more books to read by the end of the year with my new goal…Who thinks I’m going to make it? I’m kind of doubting it myself here….but I wonder how close I will get if I DON’T make it?

{December 10, 2012}   Going Steady

After making that title, I am giggling to myself at the reaction it might receive for those of my parent’s generation who consider the term “Going Steady” as something totally unrelated to this post. 🙂

Here’s my weekly weight loss results…..I am STILL holding steady at last week’s weight but I am cool with that because last week brought a HUGE drop as you already know if you read it. 🙂 I am going to be removing my old goal chart that was to lose 50 pounds by Christmas (since I completed it!, yay!) and will be replacing it with my new goal of getting below that evil 3-0-0….UGH! I hate that number and when I get below it, I will be proud to say Good Riddance!

I took my monthly measurements the other day and I have lost another 4 1/2 inches throughout my body! This brings me to a total of 23 1/2 inches gone all together! That number just totally blows my mind….almost 2 feet or a toddler! AH! I have lost a toddler……you know, I think that sounded better in my head than it does on here…..

Anyways, 2 more weeks to Christmas and I wonder how CLOSE I will get on my second goal by then! I’ll have to wait and see and I will let you know the results again next week!

Happy Hannukah for those who celebrate it! Please tell me I spelled that right cause I have seen it spelled so many different ways! 🙂

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