So I stole my title from a song because I am down 1 more pound BUT on the bright side, I am actually ecstatic about this news! WHY? Because I’m a woman and I gain water weight once a month…LOL…and for once, my weight STILL went down regardless of that fact. 🙂 So, yippee! I am now down 43 pounds total and am 7 pounds away from my goal.

Today was also my monthly measurements day and I have lost 4.5 more inches! This is less than my loss for the previous 2 months but I dropped inches in places where it had been slower coming off and less in the areas where it had been dropping fast so I think it’s a good balance. This brings me to a total of 19 inches lost overall which is over a foot throughout my body! Heck yes! 🙂

I am starting to see differences in the way my clothing is fitting, things are getting loser and some are starting to look better. I have ONE pair of jeans that are like baggy in the legs but fit in the butt and I haven’t been able to wear them in a long time because of all the weight I gained. Over a year ago, I put them on and couldn’t even get the zipper closed. 😦 The other day, I put them back on just to see if they fit any better and they zipped! 🙂 They are still snugger than I like though because I don’t like wearing anything TIGHT whatsoever so I want to lose a bit more in my hips and thighs BUT they zipped easy and they are a size 24. For those that might be unaware, most of my clothes I wear are from my heaviest size, so they are 28 and 30’s. The fact that I can zip up a size 24 is so exciting for me! Just HAD to share that news with everyone because I was so thrilled and I can’t wait until I can wear them again. They are the only pair of jeans I have ever worn that I actually liked and I know my husband loves them, too! 😉

So, things are looking up although my body is feeling rather yuck at the moment! Here’s for another good weight check in and I will update you guys again next week! Have a great week! 🙂

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