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On to the questions!

1. Who wakes up in the morning with the kids, you or hubby? Not applicable yet…but I will go ahead and answer with what I hope it will be when I DO have kids…I would hope BOTH of us would equally get up and take care of things, as in taking turns, but I also realize things don’t always happen as you wish LOL

2. Do you watch the World Series even if your team isn’t in it? I’m not a big sports person so I don’t watch it regardless…my husband watches it no matter what, though

3. What is the best compliment you have received? I’m not sure, I’m the type of girl who doesn’t like to reflect on compliments much because I kind of feel undeserving when someone DOES…which I know that’s not always a good thing but it’s just something I have to learn to accept

4. Do/did you dress up to take your kids trick or treating? Another non applicable one 😦 When I DO have kids, though, I think I probably will because I think it’s fun to have an excuse to act like a kid again!

5. Do you have a favorite bible verse? What is it and why? I think Philippians 3:14-“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me”

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  1. No kids no hubby, but I do have an alarm clock.
    I don’t even know when the World Series happens … is it April?
    I gave myself a compliment the other day … I said “You are a damn good looking crazy chick!” If I don’t say it to myself … who will … and I’m not holding my breath!
    No kids and I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years …
    No fave verse …

    Thanks for the fun 🙂


    1. You’re welcome! Actually the World Series is currently going on right now LOL…Only reason I know that is because of my Hubby!
      I don’t usually dress up for Halloween either but I have a Costume party tonight and I’m going as a Vampiress! So excited! 🙂


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