The news you’ve all been dying to hear..well, not really, but hopefully you’re just a teensy bit interested. I lost two more pounds this last week! That puts me at 36 pounds lost in total and 14 pounds to go to hit my Christmas goal. The closer I get, the more possible it looks!

But there’s something else I am excited about. Since I’ve been with my husband, I have always weighed more than him. Yea, that’s an embarrassing fact for me to admit, but it’s honest. And I want to be completely honest to help me get to where I want to be. As much as my husband loves me regardless of my size, I’ve always had a wish to weigh less than him. You usually think of the big being the Bigger one and the woman being the smaller, right? And I’ve just always had a wish to BE smaller, not just in my height, but in my weight. Well…now I’m really close to that. All I need is literally 4 more pounds loss and I will weigh less than my husband. When I mentioned this to him, he kind of groaned. At 6’1″, all his weight is in his belly and while not healthy for him, at least his fits his frame a lot better than my 5’5″ one. So…I’m getting close to having my secret wish come true and looking forward to making my goal and seeing what beyond that holds in store for me!

*And now, for Part Two!*

This is completely unrelated to my weight loss goals, but I just wanted to share with everyone about a Raffle I am holding on Facebook to win a Jewelry Candle. Tickets are $1 each and I also have a chance for you to win a free ticket for anyone interested. Click here to enter!

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