Short and sweet check in before I go shopping on my 29th Birthday!

I have lost 7 pounds since my last weigh in, so I am down 30 pounds total! 🙂 Yes, for those keeping score, that means a couple of those were pounds originally gained back but it’s all good because they are off now…hopefully to stay!

The title of this post is NOT about cheating on my husband LOL…it’s about having a cheat day or FREE day on my diet. Cheating makes me feel guilty so I am calling it a free day. I plan to only have ONE soda today and I’m not going to go TOO crazy with the amount of food I eat, but it’s my birthday and that only happens once a year, so I’m going to relax my diet and eat what I’m in the mood for. There are different theories on this approach. Some say this is a bad thing, others that it actually boosts your weight loss. In the past, I did a diet where I dieted for two weeks, then had a free day, then diet for a week, free day, etc. and it actually worked really well, so my hope is that this will help and not harm. BUT regardless, I have settled my mind on my free day and hey, I don’t have any more free days planned for a long while. Like holidays? I’m not big on holiday food anyways, so I can see myself dieting through them easily. 🙂

So…we will see next week if this free day harmed, helped or didn’t change anything. Now I am off to spend the day birthday shopping with my Mom and out to eat at my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden! I hope everyone has a GREAT day!

P.S. If you haven’t already, be sure to like my “TheRealSharon” Facebook page! It will REALLY make my day…I am trying to get 50 likes for my birthday and I am at 24!


  1. Stumbled across your site by accident, was a nice combination of humor and life. If you are really serious about getting more Facebook likes you shouldn’t have clarified the cheating situation. Hope your birthday was a fun one.


    1. Not sure what you mean….
      I have a page on Facebook but I’ve been trying to get more likes on for my Jewelry Candles business I rep. for, NOT my blog. As far as clarifying the cheating situation, I have been on a healthier eating plan for 2 months now and have dedicated followers interested in my weight loss journey and I’m sure they wanted to know..
      I wish you would have clarified your comment more because now I am extremely dumbfounded as to the meaning behind it. My birthday WAS good, thanks!


  2. It was a joke, when one first sees the title for this post “It’s my Birthday and I’ll cheat if I want to!” one doesn’t think of food. Of all the topics that interest people sex and money are the top two, mention both to them together and you have more interest than you want. “How to get rich breeding worms”. Not that you’d want that kind of audience.

    Nice site and work on your part, glad to hear you are sticking with your healthier eating plan!!! It is a journey. Sorry for the confusion, I should have been clearer, 🙂


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