Dun dun da dun! Ok, that probably sounds better in my head than it came out here, but just imagine a big processional or a drum roll here…. Are you ready? I’ve hit the Halfway Mark! 25 total pounds down since I started my weight loss journey! That means only 25 more to go until I hit my December goal of 50! *Imagine dancing here* ๐Ÿ™‚

I am SO excited to know I have made it THIS far but I know I have a LONG way to go. Am I bummed out that sometimes my weight only goes down 1-2 pounds a week. Well, yes AND no. Of course, I would LOVE to see this HUGE drop weekly but let’s face it, if that happened then I would end up with a lot of loose skin and ewww…I’m grossing myself out here! Slow and steady means my body has time to shed pounds without leaving all the loose skin AND from what I have seen and read, it’s the healthier, BEST way to maintain weight loss. So, yea, slow and steady may not be so fun, but I will just pretend I am the tortoise racing the hare and Slow and steady is going to win the race, baby! ๐Ÿ˜‰

AND I have some other news for you, my 2nd measurements are in and overall, I have lost 7 inches throughout my body! It’s nice to be able to KNOW there’s a change in you even if visually, I can’t tell it on myself much, you know?

So…there’s my news about my weight loss, but I also wanted to add some news about a fellow blogger that I LOVE. He goes by “The Hook” and if you have never read one of his posts, well then, you SHOULD! He has a new book out on Amazon called “The Bellman Chronicles” and right now, today, it’s completely free! Who doesn’t love Free? (Seriously, if you don’t love free, I will act like I don’t know you!) I recommend everyone go and buy it, it’s free!, and then do a short review of it. I KNOW you will love it, he is hilarious times a million! If you DON’T love it, (then you’re just weird, first of all!), it’s free, so no loss, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Well, I am obese so I still have a LOT to lose and I know when you’re MY size that 20 to 25 pounds can sometimes shed a LOT quicker than if you’re just 20 pounds over the perfect weight, you know?
      I am just doing a strict diet my doctor put me on but it’s based on how much I weigh and would NOT be meant for everyone. All I can say is stick with it, try NEW things and changing stuff up because sometimes if you do one thing too much, it stops working for you, so you need to change things a bit. Just don’t give up and good luck!


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