No good news to tell you here….My scale registered a gain instead of a loss but it’s not because I did anything wrong. It’s because I’m a female and this is NOT the right time for weighing…yea, I’m putting it out there. I am bloated and feeling like crap. 😦 I’m not going to put the negative change on my weight loss charts because I don’t feel it would be beneficial. For now, this week is just NOT a good one and hopefully next week when I’m feeling better and go to my doctor again, I will see GOOD results and I will post them for you.

Later this week, I will be doing my second monthly measurements…..I was planning to do this Wednesday but in light of recent events, it might be more like Friday or Saturday. So next week, I will let you know what my doctor’s scale says AND how much inches I have lost since August 5th when I started taking them! 🙂

Now, as for the slow cooker giveaway I posted last week. I am hoping to announce the winner before this day is over. I sent an e-mail to the woman in charge of it last night, right at midnight and I am just waiting for her response with the winner. So sorry that it’s taking so long. This was my first giveaway I have ever done and I had no idea how everything was going to work out. Just know if you entered and are waiting to hear, I will let you know as soon as I can. Just be patient with me, please! 🙂


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