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{August 31, 2012}   Five Question Friday for August 31st,2012


As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

This 5 Question Friday was brought to you by:

On to the questions!

1. What do you enjoy doing the most with your spouse? Just spending time together, watching movies or cuddling 🙂

2. How do you eat your taco? From the top or from the side? From the side and usually with a napkin or something underneath it…I haven’t had a taco since I started my healthier eating though….might be something to try a healthier version of!
3. Have you ever shut off the basement light and ran like a fool because you knew someone was down there and would get you?
 I do not have a basement…if I did, I could see myself doing this, though!….I haven’t even BEEN in a basement so I think one might creep me out
4. If you could change one thing about you what would it be and why? I would change what I am already changing and that is my health…..while working on appearance through losing weight but feeling better and being healthier are even more of a reason for me! 🙂
5. What age do you think is appropriate to have the “bird and the bees” talk with your children? I don’t have kids, so mommies don’t get mad if you don’t agree with me here…..I think you could have a condensed version when they are old enough to start asking where babies come from…a simple, short, condensed version and then somewhere near the pre teens probably…do the “official” talk and then do it again when they become a teen and definitely go over how to be safe because while you may want your kid to wait…kids will be kids and it’s more important that if they go against your wishes, they at least don’t end up pregnant or with a disease!





I love question #3! If you had ever been in the basement of my childhood home, you would run from there like a scared chicken ~ light on OR off! 🙂

Oh, I am sure I WOULD! LOL

Nancy Barnes says:

(1) no spouse (2) the side (3) yes (4) idk… take better care of myself (5) the talk? Oh gee, that started early, age appropriate answers to questions with my daughter.

Thanks for letting me play! It has been ages since I read your blog.

Thanks for visiting! I’m having a giveaway for a free slow cooker that ends Labor Day! If you’re interested, check out my post from this past Monday to learn how to enter! 🙂

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