*Update for August 28,2012- I went to the doctor today for my dizziness that has NOT gotten better and my weight loss was less than my scale. I am now down 23 pounds in total! My doctor suggested I drink a little bit of Gatorade to increase electrolytes and he took me off my blood pressure medication for good! My blood pressure is now good, my heart rate has lowered and my oxygen level is at 100! All from just losing 23 pounds! YAY!*

So last week my doctor told me to just weigh on HIS scale because I had weighed on mine and when I got to the doctor’s, it said I weighed 3 less pounds than what MY scale said! Since I only see him every 2-3 weeks for a check in, I really like to weigh anyways just to see if there’s any changes. This morning, I weighed on mine and it said I was one pound less than what I was at the doctor’s last week so I have either lost ONE pound or FOUR pounds….not sure which to think…. BUT either way, I know I’m still losing so that’s great news! I guess I will set my weight loss tickers for one pound loss for now and next week when I see my doctor I will see how much more I may have lost by then. My health is still doing well except for waking up really dizzy today but I took some medicine for that and am hoping it’s just a rare occasion. In the past, when I’ve woke up like this, it’s gone by the next day and the last time I was dizzy like this was months and months ago so hopefully not a big problem.

And now for something completely different!

The people over at Slimkicker.com have offered to give away this slow cooker to one lucky person who comments on THIS post!

You could win this just for commenting!

First, let me tell you about this way cool site/app!

Slimkicker.com turns all your diet/fitness goals into a game! Yes, you heard right! Now you count calories, do challenges, check in to them AND reward yourself all in one place! Sign up for challenges such as not eating after 7 p.m., eating a salad a day, etc. with a picture of the reward you plan to give yourself for completing it! There’s even reminders and support forums for support as well as an Inspirational Feed where you can share how things are going! I definitely suggest you check it out!

Now…you probably wonder WHAT you should comment, right? Just 1-2 sentences with YOUR suggestion of a fun/creative fitness or diet challenge. That’s ALL there is to this! Simply comment your suggestion, the people over at Slimkicker.com will pick their favorite and I will announce the winner next week in my NEXT weight check in! Yay! I hopefully lose more weight and one of YOU wins a slow cooker! It’s a win/win situation! So….Get those comments started!!!!

(If you’re new to this blog, you will notice your post isn’t shown right away. I have to pre-approve all NEW comments so just be patient. I will approve all comments as soon as I am able to. Don’t worry! If you leave a comment, I WILL make sure it is seen!)

*I have not been given any incentive to host this giveaway nor promised anything. My opinion of Slimkicker.com is strictly my own and I wasn’t required to give either a good or bad review. The prize for this giveaway will be coming straight from the people at Slimkicker.com and not from me, so any and all problems between the prize winner and their company in the delivering of the prize is NOT my responsibility and should be taken up with them and not me.*


  1. That’s a great idea for an app/game, making it fun to lose weight. I think dieting can be quite boring, so to spice things up, you could maybe try to set some adventure bites (that’s what I call it with my kids). Use this opportunity to try out new foods or dishes you haven’t tried before, of course as long as they’re healthy. That way, you don’t get to eat the same old stuff all the time and you could even realize there are some great foods out there you didn’t know about. Food for thought, literally.


  2. First off, and most importantly, congratulations!!! I’m so proud of you!

    I’m definitely going to check out Slimkicker.com! I’ve been slowly getting back on the wagon, but I’m having difficulty with the measuring my success part. I’m still on the hunt for a reliable scale (that won’t be too thrown off by my uneven floors) and I totally suck with measurements (in trying not to suck anything in, I end up pushing out and will get a 1-2″ difference in measurements taken 3 minutes apart 😛 ).

    ANYWAY . . . on to my suggestion. So one of my biggest issues with weight loss is the whole movement bit. I’ve always been heavy, but after quitting my job (one that kept me on my feet, had me running around, lifting heavy objects, etc. etc.) to work at home . . . on a computer, I gained about 50 lbs. and that had made a *huge* difference in how easily I move. I’ve been thinking lately of different ways to stay active while working (and as a result, sitting on my ass). Whether it’s some kind of equipment to keep your legs moving or getting up a set number of times to run up and down the stairs, I’d love to see a challenge about coming up with exercises to do while working at a desk!


  3. Congrats girl! That’s great that you’re doing so well! I know i’ll be needing a kick in the bum to get back on the bandwagon once this little guy comes!

    As far as advice…I try to use everyday moments as extra little spots to get in SOMETHING. Like if i’m vacuuming i’ll dance along to some music, same while doing the dishes. Or i’f i’m waiting for the washer to fill/stop i’ll do a few lifts of the laundry soap, do some leg lifts(kick backs) while scrubbing the tub, etc. Soon i’ll have a living weight to carry around! HAHA! But as of right now i’m limited on what i can lift and what not since its hard to even bend over at this point! HAHA! So i try to add in my little extras wherever i can!


  4. Lovely giveaway!!! Just found out about this thru the slimkicker site. My suggestion would to cook 1 new healthy recipe everyday so u do not get bored.


  5. I have another one i thought of!

    I have to make sure i always have bottled water on hand! I always have a bottle in my purse with me, and we’ll sometimes take a small cooler so that they stay cold if we know we’re going to be out of the house for awhile. I also carry mio or crystal light in my purse. Because if i get the craving for a sweet drink i wont reach for soda and i’ll drink the “better” stuff instead.


  6. Enter me for the slow cooker! my weight loss tip is to make sure you eat throughout the day, just snack on healthy foods. My favorite snack is hard boiled eggs. They’re only 100 calories, are filling, and get some healthy protein into your system. 🙂


  7. My idea is to find a way to garden. Even if you live in an apartment there are numerous ways to get a great little herb garden, containers of tomatos, peppers going. Gardening is a great stress reliver and just the fun of actually finding a recipe or salad that will include something you grew yourself! Get your hands dirty—harder to eat.


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