I am down 20 full pounds from my start point! Pretty good results for my first month, don’t you think?!

I talked with my doctor today about my calories and exercising. He told me to exercise a little, not a lot and also said to leave my calories at 1200 a day. I had questions because after exercising, I sometimes feel weak like I’m not getting enough so he told me to drink a LITTLE Gatorade after exercising. I’m guessing this should help me replenish what I’m losing when I exercise. He seemed to think my 20-30 minutes of Zumba or Just Dance on the Wii was a good amount so I guess I will be sticking to that and not rush myself to lasting a full hour on working out yet.

Otherwise, I’m feeling happy still and I don’t necessarily SEE a weight change but I have been told by others that they can tell I have lost weight. I still have a couple more weeks before I check my measurements again and I am hoping my measurements show what people have been saying. 20 pounds down, 30 more to go by Christmas! I really think that’s very possible. 🙂


    1. I’m hoping it’s gone well before my goal deadline so I can be even smaller by Christmas! 🙂
      I wouldn’t say “easy” because if it was so easy I would have had a handle on my weight before….There’s definitely some strong willpower going on with me and a lot of determination but I WOULD say compared to in the past, it feels more likely to stick and work long term because I’m in a different mind frame than I was in the past when I tried, succeeded and then failed. This time, I am going into this realizing that even if I lose all the weight I want, I will ALWAYS have to eat in healthier ways for the rest of my life. This has to be a permanent thing for me because I know NOW that the weight CAN return easily if I don’t live a healthier life consistently….due to my thyroid disorder.


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