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{August 10, 2012}   Week 3 Results/Update

My weight loss results MAIN update will be moving to Mondays, starting THIS Monday. I have decided to do this since my check in day with the doctor from now on will most likely be on a Monday and I don’t want to weigh on a Friday AND a Monday every other week. Also, Mondays get a bad rep. anyways so I figured this will make my Mondays something to look forward to! As this Monday will technically be a couple days into Week 4, each week will be labeled with “Start of Week___ Results”.

I HAVE weighed today and I am down to 354, so one more pound down, 14 in total! I like the number 14 better than the number 1! LOL

I WILL be weighing again Monday morning and letting you know if anything else has changed, but this is the last Friday I am planning to weigh on so be looking forward to the updates on Monday! This Monday, I have jury duty so I can’t be sure how early or late I will be posting but it will be there sometime.

Something I have actually thought about for awhile is doing measurements too. I know this is a good way to notice changes you might not otherwise notice, so last week I went out and bought me a tape measure. From looking at a fellow blogger’s weight loss ideas, I decided I will take my measurements once a month, unlike the weight that I check weekly or bi-weekly. Obviously measurements don’t change drastically weekly but maybe by my first month of doing them, I will notice some big changes! I am NOT posting my measurements online….it was hard enough to be so open about my weight publicly and I have decided to keep those private. BUT I will be sure to say how many overall inches I have lost monthly so those who are cheering for me can see that! 🙂

Those on my Facebook might have noticed I have posted some photos of a few of my meals here and there and have been posting about doing some Zumba on the Wii for exercise. Yesterday, I did a workout program on Just Dance 2 where you pick from 3 programs and gain so many sweat points daily. The first program is mild and is supposed to be 1 song a day, The second, the tough program is 3 songs and the third, Intensive, is 6 a day. Well, apparently THAT applies to if you do perfectly on sweat points per song because I ended up doing 6 songs on the tough program to get my 1000 sweat points! Oh, and that was after I did the one song on the mild program to see how it worked. I figured mild was too easy, so I decided to do the tough program cause 3 songs didn’t seem too bad. By the end of one week, I should have 7000 sweat points if I do it daily like I am supposed to…so, I plan to try my hardest to meet my objective every day and see how tired I am by the end of this week. I think I may switch out weekly….Just Dance one week, Zumba the next….and once that gets too easy, I may try to do both or some kind of combo. I’m still on beginner on Zumba…..I’m afraid of Intermediate because my feet don’t move as fast as they used to! Some of the beginner moves I have to tweak a bit as it is so I can do them.

I have a close friend who has promised to go to a real Zumba class with me when I am ready to and I am excited about going to one, but I think it’s probably going to be awhile before I build up my stamina enough to do an hour class. I just want to be able to make it through without collapsing 5 minutes in!

Well, that’s all the update I have for this week. Look for more on Monday and remember that these updates will be on Mondays from now on! Until then, here are some of my photos of meals I took!

Today’s lunch!

Yesterday’s lunch!

Spinach flatbread sandwich with cottage cheese!

YAY! Workout done!

Paula says:

Congratulations on 14lbs Sharon!!! That Just Dance sounds like a really fun way to workout! I might have to try it. 🙂 And those meals look so good!

Thank you!
Yea, it is super fun! Which is great because I am NOT a huge fan of exercising…BUT I love dancing!

Anonymous says:

Hi Sharon
This is good news. I have been out of the picture for a bit but I am still supporting you even though I haven’t been commenting. 14lbs is 1 stone and I stone is amazing in such a short time! Are you having any cravings still? If so tell me and I will select one of my nice hypnotic audios that may help and send it to you. Here’s my Facebook page if you are interested

Cravings aren’t so bad at the moment…just working on getting past the exercising and gaining muscle so my weight loss is slower at the moment.

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