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{July 27, 2012}   Week One Results

I am so excited to tell everyone following the “Project Healthier Me” journey with me that I have great news! I weighed myself this morning(like I said I would) and I have definitely lost more than I expected this first week! 🙂 My first week’s weight loss is….drum roll, please….SIX pounds! YAY!

I was trying to build up a little suspense there, so how did I do? From 368 down to 362! Woo! I’ll be so excited to get below that 360 mark because I honestly haven’t been under it in over a year. 😦 I feel so close and I know I can do this!

Yesterday, I did my first beginner’s 20 minute class of Zumba on the Wii and I did have to take a short 1-2 minute break between the long routines for some water BUT I made it through! I can definitely feel the soreness in my calves from a good workout, so different from a pain feeling that I felt before. It feels nice to dance again, even if just for a bit. I’m hoping to work up to where I can sign up for real Zumba classes in our area. Right now, I would probably collapse at the beginning, but I know I can get to where I will be able to keep up with every one else. Just got to take it one day at a time! That’s my new motto for myself.

So what else to report on? Yesterday was my first day on this plan that I actually felt true hunger pains. Before, it was more of this mental hunger feeling where I’m just thinking, “I wish I had something to snack on right now” or “This kind of food sounds good right no” but my stomach wasn’t actually growling at me saying it was hungry, you know? Yesterday, my stomach growled at lunch time and growled again when it was dinner time so I KNEW my body actually needed food instead of just this mental feeling of WANTING to eat without my body needing it. Mentally wanting food is hard to deny because it’s in your mind and boy, do I know how powerful that can be with depression. Your mind can fight with you so hard BUT miraculously I have so far been able to overcome it. It hasn’t been easy. There has been times where I have been reading or watching TV and the thought of food is taking over my thinking and I can barely focus on anything else. Sometimes I wish I had a magic wand to turn it off!

Thankfully, I have found this new found power to fight it, though. I have no clue why I never felt this before, but all I know is it’s here now and I have this strong willpower I didn’t know I had. I’m looking towards the future and forgetting my past failures and I see victory. My mindset is new and improved and I feel like this new girl that never even was depressed in her past. I’m feeling SO positive and again, I thank everyone who is supporting me because I know I wouldn’t feel this way without YOU!

6 pounds down, 44 to go until Christmas! I CAN DO IT! ONE DAY AT A TIME!

Donna Searer says:

Great Job Sharon!! The most important thing is you are doing this for you!!!! Keep up the hard work and before you know it it will be Christmas.

Thanks, sister! Didn’t expect to see a comment from you on here! 🙂

judithhb says:

Well done Sharon. Great excitement and applause from this side of the world.

Thank you! It means a lot knowing I have someone on the other side of the world rooting for me! 🙂

Allison says:

i’m EXTREMELY proud of you!! the reason you can do this now is that you are believing in yourself. you have a long hard row ahead of you, just know you have a HUGE cheering section to support you!!! love you hon!!

You’re right! I lost weight once and I can do it again and go even further as long as I don’t give up this time! I think the beginning is the hardest part….hopefully, this will become a habit for me again and I will stay strong! So far, so good!

Anonymous says:

That’s brilliant! 🙂 Not just a good solid start (you need to be losing slow and steady so it’s maintainable) but fantastic that you are feeling hungry at the right time. That’s half the battle. You can do it 😀 you have loads of support here too. Way to go! Yay!

Thanks, Anonymous! 🙂

Congratulations! That’s a lot of weight to lose in one week but because you have a lot to lose, it’s not abnormal and actually a good thing. Just make sure you stay away from the calorie-loaded soda!

I haven’t had a soda in almost two weeks

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