I wrote this poem the other night when I saw the lightning flashes outside my window and was inspired to pick up a pen. I RARELY write with a pen and paper anymore, usually I will just wait until I am at the computer, but I just felt like it could not wait. Here’s my short poem I wrote the other night with no editing or changes since it was written.

The skies above are black and blue,

The lightning crashes within view,

Rumbles from the Heavens

circumnavigate the air,

Crooked rods and glowing bolts thrown down,

appear angry and full of wrath

Just a window of glass separates me from the storm

The ferocity from out reminds me

of a battle within

The lightning rages on, ever

Closer to the Earth

Searching, ever searching for

What exactly?

Whatever it strikes, it fills with energy

But very rarely can the bearer

survive the power

Mother Nature’s strong hand

delivers quite a wicked gift.

The storm fades away

but its refrain plays on in the distance

Like a neighboring symphony

Of light and sound.

My heart feels the emptiness

as it leaves

along with the relief of safety

But even when the storm

Passes on outside,

The war within

Still rages without end.

Do you see an end in sight?

Or will this be

An endless night?


  1. Profound. I’m glad you’re OK even if some things are tough. For some reason, the WordPress reader hasn’t been showing me your posts for ages. I’m quite annoyed with them! I was starting to wonder if you were OK then I checked and saw you’ve still been posting and I haven’t seen any for weeks, even months. I still pray for you and your family, so I haven’t forgotten you even if it must have looked like it! I’ve not been posting much myself, keep meaning to and not getting to it. Anyway, just wanted to say hi 🙂


    1. It’s ok…I am becoming notorious for slacking off on other’s posts so I sincerely appreciate those who have stuck by me regardless. I don’t post as MUCH as I used to by any means, but I am trying to at least do my WWW Wednesday’s and Five Question Fridays so I keep up with a blogging habit and don’t quit for good. Every once in awhile, I will post other stuff but sometimes other things just get in the way. I am doing ok though my family has had some tough things to deal with lately. I’m glad you are doing ok, too and hi back! 🙂


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