I am well aware that I have gotten behind on my blog. LIFE happened and things have changed my focus, therefore, this post is a DOUBLE for last week and this week’s questions. For those you were curious about what has been going on and what my monthly goal for June is, etc., I will be posting more in the next few days about all of this as well as doing a late post for my reading which is usually on Wednesdays!


As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

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On to the questions!

1. Did you do anything special for your kids on the last day of school? Or did your parents do anything special for you?
 I will answer the second question since the first does not apply….I don’t really remember anything specific my parents did on the last day of school. I think my mom might have got me a snow cone or something, but mostly I remember the last day of school always be a day where you have a party at school and watch movies….

2. What’s your favorite summer tradition with your children? Another non applicable question…..

3. What was your favorite thing to do during the summer as a kid? I loved when I got to go to Sea World or go swimming, just anything that was NOT school, really…..I also loved getting to sleep in late and have more time to read books and just do whatever I wanted to

4. How old were you when you were married? Were you a Bridezilla?
I was 25, about 2 months shy of 26 when I got married and I will honestly say I had a few moments on my wedding day that I got stressed and almost panicked but I don’t think I was anything close to a “Bridezilla”….but since I was the bride, maybe I’m not the one to ask…LOL…ask my mom and the bridesmaids….

5. What is your favorite girl name? I’ve had names picked out for years so I could probably suggest tons….one I really love is Hailey Marie, although I go back and forth on how I would spell “Hailey”…I also love the name Sapphira and Elora Dannon(from the movie “Willow”)…I love names from mythology too, like Dirce(pronounced Dear-see) and Dionyara(pronounced Di-a-nair-a)…I love the uniqueness

1. What were you scared of as a kid? Freddy Krueger…that guy creeped me out, but it was my own fault for sneaking and watching scary movies all the time…..no matter how scared I got, I just couldn’t resist! I was also scared of…roaches…ewww! I still am!!!

2. Do you sleep well in a hotel? It depends on how nice the beds are at the hotel…..I think you usually don’t sleep as well in other beds as you do your own bed. I would say the best bed at a hotel I have ever slept at was the hotel at the Galleria last year for a Woodmen convention. It was AMAZING!

3. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who and why? 
I can’t just pick one, I have a lot I would love to meet!….I’m going to meet a few just off the top of my head. Dead celebrities I would love to meet: Marilyn Monroe and Heath Ledger…..First of all, Marilyn Monroe…who wouldn’t want to meet her? and Heath Ledger just died too young, I would have loved to have met him, I thought he was an awesome actor at the beginning of what would have been one of the best careers ever…..

As for Alive celebrities, I would LOVE to meet Johnny Depp, he is a great actor who can take on any role, I would love to know how he does it and love to see him perform live….I’m also going to say I would love to meet Amy Lee of Evanescence because she is my favorite female singer EVER and her voice is so beautiful and haunting.

4. It’s a hot summer day. Do you prefer to be pool side or at the beach? I prefer to be in an air conditioned building……

5. What is your favorite summer dish? My favorite food year round is Pasta…but if I am out in the sun, I would probably prefer fruit or something hydrating

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  1. Since I was your Maid of Honor I am going to answer number 4 for you. You were definately not a Bridezilla…in fact you were very calm and collected and had that whole if it happeneds, it happeneds mentality going on. Before I was in your wedding I was in a wedding that the bride would have been considered a bridezilla so I know what to compare it to…it was like night and day. So sleep soudly knowing you were not a bridezilla.


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