So this is a few days late due to me being struck down Thursday night with some stomach bug from “the land below”……(H-E-double hockey sticks, in other words!)……..I am FINALLY feeling better so I am NOW doing my Friday post…Sorry about the lateness!

I also realize I am again a few days late on posting my new goal for May in my 12 in ’12 journey. After much consideration, I am naming May my No Goal Month, other than to work on the goals I already have started with. I just want to be a better me and not add anything to my plate this month.

BUT…without further ado, now to my questions and answers!


As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

This 5 Question Friday was brought to you by:

On to the questions!

1. What did you wear to prom? Include a picture if possible.  I never had a prom since I left regular high school (due to bullying) and ended up graduating at a type of school where you clock in, do work at your own pace and clock out…..While I still got a regular high school diploma, there was no prom and there are days where I am sad about that, but overall I am just happy I was able to push past the bullying and finish high school on time regardless

2. Would you rather be on the biggest loser or a food eating challenge? 
I would definitely pick Biggest Loser…I don’t need to GAIN weight…

3. Done fave sonic drink? Refreshing summer drink? I have NO clue what “Done” in front of fave means…but my fave sonic drink? Hmmm….Probably Limeade cause that’s what I order the most when I go there

4. What was your first car, and what did you call it?
My “first” car is the same car I still have and I have no real name for it, although I AM guilty of calling it “ghetto”, just because it’s falling apart….LOL

5. What’s one thing your child or spouse does that sends you over the edge?  No child, so I will answer this for the spouse….Uh…I have to pick just ONE thing? LOL…Probably when there’s a trash bag sitting right NEXT to him but he still can’t just drop it in the trash, it always ends up ON the floor next to the trash bag…and actually this goes for clothes beside the laundry basket too….Do ALL men do this???! What is so hard about moving their hand one more inch? Seriously?! In fact, sometimes it looks like he made more effort to miss the bag rather then make it! UGH! I wish I could invent a zapper to zap him every time he misses the bag! (P.s. I love you, honey! ) 😉

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