I just got a notification last night from WordPress that I have gained my 50th follower! YAY!

I find it hard to believe, looking back on when I started this blog, that even half that number would be THAT interested in following me and this definitely gives me a great big boost! I know some people have thousands of followers and fifty seems awfully small compared, but it sounds HUGE to me…not to mention five has always been my favorite number.

I should have done my 12 in 12′ update on the first, but needless to say, this past week has been hectic. The day before April 1st I did a post, sounding like a story of someone else, yet it didn’t take much for everyone to figure out it was about me. I had been holding back a secret from some of the people closest to me for years and it was eating me up inside. I had a strong urge to write about the situation, but a part of me STILL felt unsure and not ready to claim it as my life so I decided to post in third person. Writing about the secret felt like I was draining horrific memories from myself and helping myself heal…which is something I should have started during my month two goal, but I just wasn’t ready. I think, deep down inside myself, I KNEW people would see through the third person and KNOW the truth, but I somehow hid that fact from myself so I wouldn’t delete it.

And it was a good thing I didn’t delete it, because it gave me a great way of finally exposing the truth in the best way for me. When I write about difficult things, it’s so much easier for me to talk about them and explain them than when I speak aloud. I’m not sure if it’s like that for everyone, but it is for me. Because of this blog, I was able to tell my secret to my mom and drop this burden I’ve been carrying. Until the moment after I spoke to her, I never realized how much this secret was holding me back. I feel an inner peace within I had never felt before.

A huge step has been taken in improving my life, but I know I still have some work to do, which is why I am looking for a counselor to talk with. Thankfully, I know I have the support to do so now.

As for updates on my other goals, which seem to diminish in comparison to this HUGE one I have got through, I have continued drinking water daily and I have gotten back to blogging more. So far, my first three goals are progressing wonderfully.

So, what’s my goal for April? Get on a regular schedule with my medicine and add vitamins to the mix. Yea, doesn’t sound that exciting, huh?

But…I seem to have a problem with consistently taking my medicine at the right times and I have even forgot at times in the past. 😦 Yea, not so good. Therefore, this is actually a HUGE important goal for me. Not to mention, I NEVER take vitamins anymore and my mom is always hounding me to take them. So starting today, I’m going to put a post it by my bed with the times I need to take my pills and a note to ADD vitamins! I am crossing my fingers that this one becomes a habit in a way going to the bathroom is. I read somewhere that it only takes like 2-3 weeks of doing something everyday before it becomes a habit, so here we go!


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